How far would you go?

...for pleasure, I mean? I'm just about to embark on a journey across town, just to buy my favortive embibement, will take an hour there, and eventually an hour back. That is pussyjuice compared to the 800-odd clicks I used to toil for a humble shag. Pleasure. Distance. Distance. Pleasure. How far?
I flew to America to get a half hour flight in a B17 does that count?
(It was well worth it!)
I flew 5,500 miles, didn't get a shag, and ended up with lover's balls, standing in the bog in a US airport with my trousers around my ankles wondering whether I could risk a relief w*nk. Decided that appearing on American court TV for gross moral turpitude was worse than the prospect of having my love fruit explode at altitude. What a totally horrendous experience.
i'm gonna be trecking up to Scotland every other weekend to see the missus when she heads to uni?
I'm from Southampton, so going coast to coast every 2 weeks is gonna give me plenty of time to bull boots =[
I went here once
Not realy I had alltitude sickness
Goldfishfart - does it count? Does it get you an embossed line in the Book of Heros ? Praps the only better thang to do is fly a Lightning!


Book Reviewer
1574.25 miles.

Southern UK to Moscow for a Russian shag - and no, I didn't buy her online.
To here and back if I thought he was worth it


And the Scots are supposed to be the lazy, fat bast*rds! :wink:
I drove like a madman from Hull to Swansea, when a girl, that i had the hots for, invited me to go camping with her.
Found out that it wasn't just me and her but about 30 other people in a big 12x12 jobby.
Don't even know why she asked me to come, as she had no interest in me whatsoever.
I was young and slightly c**ntstruck, although i never got to see the damn thing!

Just remembered, had a girlfriend who liked a certain icecream that was only made in Plymstock, so i drove from Swansea to Plymouth to get said ice cream and ate it off her ample boobage. That was well worth the drive!


You know how to live don't you Issi. When young and foolish, several years ago, IO once got on a bus and travelled about ten stops to meet some bint. Listen to your uncle Trowel, cool works best, let them come to you.

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