How far would you go?

We pride ourselves on being a nation of shopkeepers, but, having lived abroad, when the night comes in, or falls down as the case sometimes is, there are various essentials that one suddenly cannot find just round the corner. Pack of chavs, no prob, but 12 - pack at 2.00 nah, mate, shut. How far have you ever gone to get late-night goodies ?
I think I have managed to decrypt this post .
I have never had to try and source a pack of beer at 02.00 from a shop in the UK . My son , who lives about 20 miles away , however is still taking some flak for using an Internet site to order and receive rapidly additional beer in the wee hours . Initiative yes …. but expensive initiative .
Ah, I see. Used to be a little shop around the corner from me in London run by some nice Afghani fellas that'd sell you some booze past hours if you were a regular.
It was at about 22:30 on a Saturday night, during a visit to my Dad's place, that wifey informed me that she had forgotten to pack her earplugs and went into a grump in anticipation of being kept awake all night due to my snoring. It took the best part of 3 hours and involved a trip of over 70 miles, but I came up with the goods - all shops were shut, petrol stations were either shut or didn't stock them, but I triumphed at an airport which, by this time, would normally have been closed but the last flight arrival was delayed.

It's ironic for two reasons. I don't snore. Wife is deaf.
Time it was, and what a time, that you could pick up a phone ( in a certain country, never been ours) and say 'As an angry badger, bring on the vodkunies, come to think of it a pizza as well, some of that toiletpaper stuff because the girl threw up after choking on something, a bunch of flowers for her mother, she seems angry, and chewy things for the dog.'
My mate runs a shady local business non legit of corse, where people can ring up and order fags n booze delivered to your door in the wee hours.
He sells at about 100% profit, I said it reminds me of sneeking out to the NAAFI during block jobs in basic trainning then selling mars bars for £3 a pop.
Just checked me lips, nah, can't be meths. Is Paint Stripper a well-known chateua ? Tesco stocks it and they tend to be reliable
Tesco or any 24 hour shop
I know someone who manufactures headwands and I do get the occasional freebie. Weapons? I had loads and when the govt started clamping down I hid them in a mate's cupboard. Somewhere up north, I seem to recall.

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