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How far would the Wicked Witch go to make a buck?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Promoting a dodgy slimming product

  2. Interview on daytime TV

  3. Norks out for a lads magazine

  4. Appearing on reality RV

  5. Selling a kidney

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  6. Skimming a charity account

  7. Selling one of her childrens kidneys

  8. A star role in a tramp bukakke video

  9. Sacrificing a child to the Evil One

  1. How far would the "First Lady" debase herself to earn some dosh to pay off the mortgage etc?
  2. She's too self-centred to sell a kidney - it would hurt. I'm sure she'd do the daytime TV thing, product 'recommendation' & selling her children (& / or their organs) for enough money, but I think that she knows she's so repulsive that a norks-out picture wouldn't sell well. I voted for skimming a charity as that is about the lowest of the low & I believe that she is capable of it. I despise her.
  3. Hmmm. This is a tough question.

    I voted for child sacrifice to the Evil One. As long as she got 40% off at Armani for her and the kids.

  4. Charity skimming - she's already tried the dodgy deals with the buying of flats in Bristol. The Clintons managed a good bit of fraud, so why not the Wicked Witch?
  5. You missed out 'All of the above' ....
  6. Her self-image is so over-inflated that, despite being uglier than the Emeritus Professor of Ugliness at Ugly College, Uglybridge U. on a bad hair day, she would not hesitate to get her norks out and show us why Tone gets it up her five times a night. What she doesn't understand is that his priapism is all part of his "I'm Jesus and JFK all rolled into one" phantasy...

    Personally if she donated a kidney they should just keep the kidney and put the rest of her in the surgical waste bin. Oh and she's a fcuking lawyer/liar...
  7. I'd go for that option. BTW, although Bliar claims to be a "5 times a night" man, I don't recall that he claimed it was with that gopper. He's probably picked up a few pointers from his bezzer, good ol' Blind Pew, and will stick it in anything that's got a hole! :twisted: