how far will the phase 1 training staff go?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello

    This is just a 'hypothetical' question as such, question is how far will the phase 1 training staff go to train somebody who dosen't/can't pick something up, whatever it may be.

    Bearing in mind, there is nothing wrong with the persons attitude, teamwork effort, turnout and so on and so forth, that is all reasonable.

    Just wondering as long as the staff think you're putting 100% effort in in everything there asking, and you (at the time) cannot pick something up (mentally/physically) will you keep getting backsquadded as such.

    Really the question in a nutshell, if you're putting 100% efffort in but taking it in slowly, will action (ie. discharged) be taken against you for taing 'too long' too pick something up.

    As I say just wondering what there rules are there, I believe it's 'train in, not select out', and I start my basic next month, so probably worrys coming on already :p but you can be assured I will give it 100% both mentally and physically. :p


  2. Get fit.
  3. No Ben, if you are putting the effort in, probably (in my ATR time) the worst was you were backtrooped (2 weeks) or put into a holding troop untill you were ready to carry on.

    Just work your nuts off, and don't worry about these things and you will be fine.
  4. As long as your switched on, and a decent lad, the staff will get you up to scratch on everything. Most instructors would rather have a decent lad who takes longer to take things in, than a tosser with an attitude who gets 100% on everything.

    Good luck and enjoy training!
  5. In fact, I've never even heard of somebody failing training because they failed a test - attitude, yes. You'd be surprised at the amount of effort staff will give, to get you to pass.

    Remember: "no such thing as a bad student, only a bad instructor". Although that also means if your not putting in the effort, they can beast you all over the training area :D
  6. In my time as an Inf Plt Sgt I couldn't understand how some mongs were able to pass through depot to become a danger to us on operations. When I later became a recruit trainer my question was answered when a Brigadier overruled any attempt I made to bin unsuitable candidates because of the numbers game.

    (Numbers game: 230 trainees that year to fill 250 vacancies. When we tried to weed out unsuitable candidates they (The Rupertry) tried the old 'you're not training 'em properly' chestnut!)
  7. So P Company aint a test then :roll:
  8. I wouldnt worry about it, it happened to some recruits with me, they werent good at drill or pt. As long they tried there best they werent beasted for it, infact some of them were used as examples to the rest of us as to the sort of effort we should be putting in.

    Like it was said before, the worst you'll get if your really trying your best but not picking it up is remedial training.
  9. I think he means things like drill and CBRN etc Sandy, not P Company.

    Thats not a test, its a fucking man test.
  10. The Permanent Staff are allowed to kill one person from every intake. It gets hushed up as a training accident, but we all know the real score.
  11. If your putting 100% effort in most instructors will go out there way to help you out where possible as deep down they dont want to look like they cant pass on their experience.
    When I passed out back in 88 I had to march out and collect the best fitness award but was W*nk at drill, on the practises days before the pass out parade I was called every name under the sun by the instructors and eventually told I wouldnt get the trophy unless I sorted my sg*gging self out. My Platoon full screw marched me around the square for about three hours the evening before my pass out and took time in helping me........he said so he didnt look foolish having a retarded fcukwit like me in his platoon :D . About thirteen years later he took me on my seniors course and was amased how sh*t I still was at drill :wink:
  12. P Company ain't Basic Phase One either! You are supposed to be a trained soldier before you attend.
  13. Plus he refered to back squadding rather than being sacked, if you fail P coy you get backsquadded just as if you fail a drill test.
  14. Who gets *backsquadded* on P Company?
  15. Ref the original post, The excuse used in this case would be "Not suited to Army Life"........seen this happen loads as a Recruiter, its the PC way of saying, "This guy is a waste of Compo"