How Far Will A Drunk Irishman Go for Money

Apologies if this has appeared already but I just saw it on telly and felt it deserved a re-run:



As a paddy myself (albeit northern) this doesn't surprise me one bit :)

Reminds me of an incident during the 6nations one year in my local when England were playing Scotland ( I was just hanging about waiting for the Ireland match to KO) Scotland were losing and this little weegie neddy type was getting rather upset...angry words were fired over at the English supporters and all of a sudden the weegie guy stormed off...bemused at this temper tantrum we carried on watching the rugby until a couple of minutes he returned having pissed into his empty pint glass. He then proceeded to show the English what a big tough man he was by downing this glass of piss. :puker: :puker: :puker:

We could do nothing but laugh at this weedy little feckers attempt to play the big man - especially when big Dave the mahooosive ginormous Scotsman who owned the pub emerged from behind the bar and bounced the weegie off every wall in the place for daring to piss in one of his pint glasses! :applaud::rofl:
It was near the end of 1981 I believe. We at TacCon went to the Australian desert for some work with the Aussies on various things surrounding recon and intelligence gathering. Operation Goliath or something. Anyway, after working with these very intense, but super low keyed and fun troops we had a little going away party at a little hole in the wall. Well, our SGT Haw... (I can't embarrass him with his full name on the web.) and one of the boys from down under started to debate over who's guys were tougher. As the alcohol kept flowing the discussion got more intense. Eventually the Aussie spit a nasty lunger in his beer and drank it. Our boy countered with, yes you guessed it, urinating in his mug and drinking some. Of course they were both sh!t faced at this point when the Australian soldier went to find a urinal cake to bite into that EVERYONE had pissed on and SGT H attempted to create a snack of his own on the old bowl before passing out. I still don't know who is tougher, but both sets of troops provided a first place candidate for dumbest.

"Modify the wedge!"..."First squad bound!"..."Second squad..."

[FONT=&quot](Or so I was told by Chief M--S-- :shock::hungry: )
Come and get me drunk .... then you might find out!
They sound awful taiggy to me. Not 1 bit surprised.

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