How far the mighty have fallen

Imagine my horror when trawling round the local supermarket, to come face to face with a shaven headed rugby demon from the past. There was the bane of my military life, the super fit PTI who had caused me pain in muscles that I never knew had existed and are now thankfully dormant again. I did a double take- no it was him- he still looked like McVicars lost twin but twice as evil. Hello *, what are doing here? "Well" he spluttered, "I work here, I'm a manager". Whaaat how come? "Well when I left I got a job as a trainee manager at McDonalds, but obviously this is better". How do you from being a W.O. to a supermarket manager?

Still scared of the f'cker though :roll:


I wouldn't be so quick to mock. He's probably earning more as a supermarket manager mate. Have a look at Tesco's website, they are paying their Night Managers £30k . With a WOs pension, he'll be over £40k if that's who he works for. There's potential for higher earnings in retail as well. He can go up to three digits before the three zeros.

Before you take the p*ss out of him, ask yourself who's better off finacially, you or him?

I'm seriously considering applying to Tesco myself.
I've looked into Tesco's graduate scheme too. They just want people with a min of a 2.1 degree, they don't appear to be concerned with age. And like B_A says, it starts on about 30K a year.
The local ASDA manager got £50K BONUS on top of his wages last year.....lots of our lads work for TESCO etc as it is not bad £7-8 per hour and flexible hours so you can work as little or as much as you feel like...

Bet the workers at your monster's store are all super fit though....
I agree, don't knock working in retail management .... a salutory tale to follow ... pull up a sandbag ....

I have a friend, a fully qualified matrimonial solicitor, who met and subsequently married an industrial chemist - so you can imagine their joint income afforded them a fairly comfortable life.

They then decided to start a family and they knocked out two ankle snappers in rapid succession - job done!!

She went back to work on a part-time basis - the snappers, aged 15 months and 4 months, going to nursery the four days of the week she was working. Her pay was reduced, pro-rata, naturally. However, despite the pro-rata pay still being fairly decent, the nursery charges were, as ever, horrendous - as most things are south of the Watford Gap!

She left the law and went to work in Tesco as a manager - shifts to suit etc etc - and they are now doing very nicely again, thank you very much!!

I know upon who's door I'll be knocking when I get out ......
Not realy trying to mock him, after all he was evil, but just really, really surprised he ended up at asupermarket- would have had him down as beasting celebs as a personal trainer
or opening his own gym. I'll have to keep my eyes open for spotty shelf stackers running on the spot with their knees up to their chests.


Keep in with him mate, by the time your ready to leave he might be high enough up the food chain (sorry, just couldn't help myself with that one......oh, there goes myself? gerrit?), to offer you a decent job in retail management.
Erm..sorry guys I can't believe that leaving as a 40ish year old on 30k is actually something to write home about, unless of course it is something you genuinely want to do!


You must be one of the fortunate few then. As for us mere mortals 30k would do just nicely.
What stories like this highlight is that there are posts out there for soldiers at 40, that perhaps they just don't think about.

Your typical Infantry CSM/CSgt is more than capable of managing a team of people who range from 17 to 50+, with all the varying work attitudes that entails, which essentially is what retail management is about. The Marketing People in Head Office tell you what to do and where to do it as far as layout goes, prices are set by them as well. Your shopping experience is manufactured by others, not the Store Manager.

Where the Store Manager makes his cash is by ensuring that the shelves are stacked, the checkouts are manned, and that the people who are supposed to supervise (your Corporals) are doing the job.

Salaries typically aren't great (my brother in law worked as a manager for Iceland and his pay when looked at by the hours he had to work were awful), but there are bonuses, including little things like staff discounts.

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