How far is a "patrol/march"?

Sorry about the crap subject but how far does the normal tom walk/march in a day?

Don't care about the SAS 40 miler or all that but I bet many toms end up walking 30 plus a day. Worst I did was 20 in 35 degrees but in light order and lots of stops and water(and a beer).
Err no Wahha , so the Marines have to do a 30 miler in X hours after the beat up and training and and the SAS a 40 miler in XX hours. Great . What about real life/war/patrolling. How far has the normal section,platoon,Coy walked in 1 or 2 days?

Christ there are records of German (Belgian) SS troops doing 100K in a day and the Rhodesian SAS doing 110k or the SA reccys doing 2000k in 2 months but what can we do?
It realy varies on the role of the unit. To many variables to come up with an answer, environ, load, type of ops etc etc.
It depends on whether it is a few individuals walking, a small unit marching or an army on the move.

There was a book published in the late C19th called "The Art of Marching" by a Colonel Furze. He analyzed a lot of historical marches from Hannibal onwards. In many ways the C19th payed more attention to marching that we do now. But it was a bit more important then.

The Roman General Nero took 6000 infantyr and 1000 cavalry 250 miles in six days in one direction to fight athe battle of the Metaurus against Hasdrubel and back in seven in the campaign against the Catheginians. These men marched day and night with relays of carriages requisitioned from local civilians to pickup the foot sore and weary.

In the Maharrata wars of 1800ish there were somenotable marches.

Wellesly (AKA Wellington) marched 400 troopers and a battalion of infantry 40 miles to save Poona, He started at night fall on 19th April and arrivedd in the afternoon of 20th, including a 20 mile march under a tropical sun. They had already marched 20 miles during the 19th.

One of General Lake's staff officers kept a record of how far they marched. In his firct campaign they marched 1050 miles in the scecond 1700 and the third 740 - thats about 3500 miles....

In the sikh wars a body of British and Indian infantry marched 155 miles in seven days. 12 Dec 1845 16 miles, 13th : 18 miles, 14th 20 miles, 15th:30 miles 16th:30 miles, 17th :20 Miles 18th : 21 Miles. Two European regiments (including the 29th foot) had further to marched covering 200 miles in 9 days.

Single units can sometimes march further and faster. The 2nd Shropshire Light infantry marched 43miles in 30 hours and the City Imperial Volunteers (TA) marched 30miles in 17 hours in 1900 chasing the Boers.
I think the ART of marching died with the Second WW. Upto then it had been part of the soldiers trade.
Post war Tabbing and Commando type "sprinting" became the thing.
I cursed the RM subalern we had for expecting us to perform as trained marines.
john always overwieght.
A March (AKA Micra in UK) is 3695mm long.
A Patrol is in 4965mm long.

Nissan - Miss 'em!!

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