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How far from your unit are you?

While I know that I shouldn't be one to complaint I do wonder...

Right now I am in an infantry unit located at the edge of the town I live in. A 20 minute cycle ride is all it takes to get there.

However, a new CO brings new changes and a long standing plan to concentrate most of the unit at one barracks used by a regular brigade will probably be rekindled.
This means that I now have to travel about 45 minutes by car to get there. I will also be at the same barracks I used to live and work at as a regular.

I must admit that I'm not that happy to meet my old mates who are still 'in' while wearing a 'blanco' beret with a new capbadge on!

How far are you from your TAC or barracks and are there regular units (maybe even your old one?) there? How do you feel about meeting your old mates while you're now a reservist?

If you think I need some cheese with my whine, let me know. I'll shut up and shape up.... :cry:
you will find that your paths wont cross as the regs (as you well know) will be long off duty by the time you turn up. Maybe you will bump into a few on the gate but just think of how jealous they will be when they see you can come and go whenever you please and still be part of the army! :lol:
woody said:
4 miles just far enough to think if its an easy weekend I could tab home never do though :D
Same here, although I doubt Mr Bobby would appreciate the numerous calls from people driving up the motorway because I'm tabbing up it with my bergan (covered up of course!!) on.
Current Unit 192 miles.

New Unit, if I get in, 132 miles.

There are Regs at both, and we work with them at times. Most weekends though, as Dimples says, they're long gone.
My units central London HQ, hour by train. My training TA centre is 40 minutes by car. But whats wrong with your old mates seeing you as TA, a lot of mine are still in, give me a bit if grief and banter then crack on with the day.

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