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How Far Down Does this Rabbit Hole Go?

An Ofsted investigation into classroom radicalisation has spread to schools in the north and south-east of England in the wake of the alleged Trojan Horse plot, inspectors confirmed today.

The education watchdog said it was carrying out “dawn raid”-style inspections on schools outside Birmingham amid concerns over intimidation of staff, a narrowing of the curriculum and pupils becoming emotionally “dislocated” from the wider community.

Sources confirmed that inspections had taken place – or were about to be staged – in Bradford, Luton and Tower Hamlets, east London, following evidence of concerns similar to those seen in the West Midlands.

In one Luton primary inspectors have already found books promoting stoning, lashing and execution

Surprise Surprise Tower Hamlets is on the list....

Has there been some sort of secret co-ordinated nationwide islamification program going on?


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And you mean you were not aware?

You're not an MP are you? Or Home Office? Or council? Or......(enter your own chosen trade/profession).

It wern't on the BBC.


When I was at school they made us pray every morning, and we had to do religious education that was exclusive to one religion.
So the Governors of these schools were attempting to hijack the curriculum to teach Islam stuff only, to the exclusion of all others regardless of their individual faiths?
Seems like Ray Honeyford was chased off much like Enoch Powell was....
Hindsight is a wonderful thing as they say...


Its probably very widespread, and not even particularly covert - given the establishment blind eye to anything touching on a race or religious issue (other than native CofE, of course.... ).
It seems to be coming out in the open fast though so thats good. The 70's took forty years to be exposed as the diddling decade.
Has there been some sort of secret co-ordinated nationwide islamification program going on?

Personally I think it's just the product of having a school full of nothing but muslim kids; much like the two sides in NI keep their kids segregated in school so they can indoctrinate them. The answer is forced integration at school level by moving pupils, but we've never had the b**** to do it in NI so I doubt it will happen here.


Might almost think there was a clear pattern

" 2003 two new members – Paul Martin, a parent governor, and Mumtaz Saleem, a nominee of the local education authority – joined its governing body and tried to take it over.

The judge, Mr John Leighton-Williams, QC, said: "I am satisfied that they sought to monopolise governors body meetings with a view to imposing their own agenda and were prepared to do so regardless of the interests of the school and anyone who resisted that agenda.

He said it was "not unreasonable" for Mrs Connor and the school's staff "to consider that there was an agenda to convert New Monument to an Islamic faith school".

Eventually Mr Martin was voted off the "dysfunctional" governing body but claimed he had been "removed for blowing the whistle on institutional racism" and "cited an old school document with pictures of seven children, only one of them dark-skinned", the court was told.

An anonymous petition was circulated, "attacking Mrs Connor falsely and in vituperative terms", it was claimed.
However the council failed to intervene or spot that Mrs Connor, who now lives in Abergavenny, was at risk of suffering stress. She was forced to take sick leave in late 2005, never to return.

The judge said that instead, council officers had shown "excessive tolerance" towards the two governors and displayed "misplaced sympathy for Mr Martin", fearing that they were at risk of a complaint to the Commission for Racial Equality."

Joshua Slocum

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I notice that they arranged trips to mecca for children and staff ( and no doubt parents) from the schools budget but only for mooslems
the others got nothing
hardly democratic is it