How far do you travel to go to TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. After reading the "many" threads on the changes to R Sigs...

    Got me wondering how far do people travel for TA at the moment?

    Also how far would people be willing to travel?
  2. At the moment I travel 20 miles (ish)
    I would be prepared to travel @ 60 miles

    So watch out BB :p
  3. lol

    Bring it on!!!! :)

    (but who knows where we'll have to go?)
  4. One Air flight about 80 miles, then It was a 12 mile car journey. All In It used to take me about 2 1/2hrs with Airport check Ins, I am off to a new unit next week so the car journey Is going up to about 40 miles.
  5. I'm guessing drill nights were out of the question?
  6. A little bit under 200miles each way :D
  7. Kind of :D my old unit was I specialist unit so no problems there, but the new one Is independent but after a lot of effort on there part (that I am very grateful for) It has been sorted.
  8. I should feel bless with my 10 miles each way then I guess (although I'm still a recruit presently).

    That said, I would be prepared for a 100 mile round trip as long as I could get to parade nights before 7.30 (finishing at work by 6 means that it is feasbile).
  9. RAC says 163 miles each way... :roll:
  10. I'm guessing these are "specialist" units....?
  11. Depending on what the M40 or M4 are doing, either 50 or 60 miles each way and I'd probably not want to increase that distance much more since I end up invariably staying till midnight to get the paperwork done (or wait for JPA stop crashing).
  12. I travel about 1 mile. Would be prepared to travel up to 1.5 miles though.
  13. Depends on where I happen to be. It's 22,236 miles (each way) from my "Death Star" or 1,093 miles from my secret island lair.
  14. Less than a mile each way.

    I'd be prepared to go to 15-20 miles if someone gave me a lift, cant be arrsed buying a car.

    Over 20 miles it stops becoming territorial.
  15. Nope, moved away from my local unit, and the other option down here are gash.Train fares get reimbursed anyway.