How far do you commute?

Needs must when the Devil drives but how far do you drive to work on a daily basis in these hard times? I'm thinking as a commute either end of an 8 hour day rather than driving as part of the working day.

Mine is 140 mile round trip and takes 4.5 hours all told.
I'm lucky as well, it's about 5K each way and only 15 minutes on a pushbike. Anything over 20K and I'd seriously consider moving myself! (if that's a possibility).
I drive about 30miles each way with a 10min walk at arrival. This is my limit, anymore and id end up ramming people off the road who drive like knobs.... you know who you are mr kia.... grrrrrrr
Daily trip of 15kms, that's about 25 minutes in the car or 33 minutes on the bike. It's a strange coincidence but for the last 25 years I have only ever had about 10 miles or 15 kms to work in 4 different places.
I'm currently adding on about 45 minutes either end of my working day. Wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't for the last/first 5 miles taking up half an hour of that time. Not a great wage but about 3k pa better than I'd get locally so if I want to keep up with the rent...

Longest I've ever commuted was 60 mile round trip.
14 miles each way.
However its through twisty roads through woodland and by the side of the river. This morning there was a deer amongst the bluebells in the beach wood, mist rising off the river which was right in (tidal) so it was lapping against the oaks that over hang it. To be honest I love the commute....its the job that grinds me down ;-)
At the moment, 12 minute walk - just a shame the job is crap!

At worst, 70 mile round trip. Seeing the same cars going the same way at the same time just made me suicidal!
About 12 minutes by bicycle is long enough for me. There is a lot to be said for living in a flat country where provision of safe cycling lanes is part of the natural order of things rather than something to be squeezed onto the crowded roads. Funnily enough, if I take the car it is still about 12 minutes.
Fifty mile round trip which I leave half an hour earlier than you'd think because of all the inbreds who somehow got licenses and Sunday drivers who've forgotten what day it is.

There is an option to transfer to a 15 minute bike ride away but since that's closer to "Head Office" and I only have 14 months til retirement sod it.

I really have started to appreciate the better priced petrol stations now.
Walk out the back door, walk to the front of the house and hey presto I'm at work. I have a cruizy number at the moment though, the log book and wages start with the alarm clock and I clock off about an hour after I get home, but like I say it's cruizy and I park the truck out the front (In Kiwiland so that's all good). Worst commute would be working away all week and staying in digs or the mind numbing drive around the south circular in London, dont know how many miles it was but took about an hour and a half to go about 20 or 30K.
You do what you must, some jobs you dip in, some you dip out.
Round trip of 70 KMs (about 44 miles in real money) most of it on reasonably clear Autobahns (unlimited so I can belt along at 100mph plus if feeling the need) but the final couple of miles in the city are a pain plus of course the added pain of paying for the parking space. Cheap compared to some places but still a waste of money just to leave your car standing there for 9 hours a day.

As for moving to be nearer to work? Not a chance I would much rather suffer the commute than have to live in a city.


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When I was based at MoD London it was about 1 1/4 hours walking & Tube.

When I got to my current unit they were based in Bordon, but due to move in 5 months to Tidworth. So I was given an FSA in Tidworth and commuted the 120 mile round trip daily (about 1 1/4 hours each way). Bastards would only give me HDT for 100 miles though!
A friend of mine lives near Oxford, has a 40 minute drive to catch an hour or so train into central London then walking time to GOS Hospital.
I used to do that commute, minus the drive to the station. The train to London was fine as if one got on before Maidenhead (it missed out Reading) then one got a seat, but from Maidenhead it was cattle truck conditions. The underground to GOSH took around 30 minutes as invariably one couldn’t get on the first couple of trains & that’s when the underground was running without problems.

The journey back was even worse as it was literally standing room only on any train out of Paddington & for some reason there were a lot of suicides during my three-month contract so I used to keep some work clothes at a friend’s place & beg the sofa when Paddington was fecked up. To add insult to injury MrsPlume used to refer to the commute as my “me time” as I was free to listen to music or read the paper – she failed to understand that trains in rush hour are not like the trains she is used to & opening a paper wasn’t possible!

Current commute, including walking to the station, is about 75 minutes. I’m back at a site I used to drive to, but a trip I once did in 20 minutes when MasterPlume needed to go to A&E was taking an hour to two hours so I now use public transport. The really annoying bit about that is that the bus timetable for one leg is a complete work of fiction & one waits for 25-30 minutes when the service is supposed to be every ten, & the online bus tracker seems to show what the planned arrival times are rather than actual.
Usually I used to walk or run. Longest daily commute was 25 miles each way, but only for 6 weeks. Did 2 years of weekend commuting, about 250 miles each way.

These days just to the foot of the stairs or sometimes out into the garden, if I'm feeling energetic.


About 30km each way. Mrs. Rutar and I both work in the city. Trip takes about 35-40 minutes.
12ft across the landing to the back bedroom most days. Usually travel to a company site or customer office once a week to justify keeping the car allowance and actually talk to my mates in person.

Started working from home unofficially about 8 years ago on the days when I wasn't doing 240 miles each way to North Shields. Converted that to an official agreement in 2008. Broadband costs me no more than it would for private family use with Sky Unlimited, I don't get paid to cover use of electricity but I save a fortune in fuel and car parking by not commuting. These days I'm on mileage allowance the moment I reverse off the drive. Company mobile phone covers all calls. All my employer had to give me that they would not have provided in the office was a decent printer of my own. I must save them a fortune in office space. It also means I can do the school take and collect thing too which is good. On a good day you might wangle a jump while the kids are at school which is better.

Have not noticed a drop in my working hours though and it can be difficult to switch off as you don't have a hard stop to each day or half an hour in the car to wind down with the news on.

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