How Far Can A Corporation Go?...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. This isn't right in my books, but, it sure gives cause for thought..

    A poor fellow in Wisconsin worked for a Miller brewing distributor.. While out with pals on the weekend, on his own time, he was photographed by a local paparazzi drinking a can of Bud.. the competition.. Come Monday, his phottie on the frontpage of the local rag, he's called into the Boss's office and given the boot.. Employees should support the company and its products. etc. etc..

    So.. when will we see mass layoffs from Ford Motor company by all the employees who haven't Ford cars in the parking lot?.. How many Boots staff will get the boot for not buying their headache tabs from their own pharmacy counter?..

    Something definitely not right..Crap and more crap...I say...
  2. I wonder how many millions the court settlement will be?
  3. employees can be fired for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all. Quoted by the Beurea of Labor, US
  4. There is a solution. These Corporations can just exchange employees with each other. :lol:
  5. Even though corporations can develop their own hiring/firing policy, they are still liable for litigation if they fire without due cause. The employee in this situation has a case. Do you have a link to the story?
  6. I worked for the UK end of a major US company so UK labour laws applied. However, I formed the opinion that US labour law does not do much for the employee. Some of the guys didn't have any contract of employment and could be called in and given the black bin liner for almost anything.
  7. Timely topic for me.

    Got a call at 5 am, company is having a lay off, come in for meeting. 8O

    I didn't get the axe, but we are scrambling to cover all bases. Going to be dealing with this for weeks. :roll:
  8. Which in English reads

    Corporal you've been rumbled you fat idle cnut, get your kit and fcuk off out.

    Cat food for the kids for scoff? :D :D
  9. I used to work for Pepsi and got sacked after i tested positive for coke. :roll: snigger
  10. Most states are at will employment which means you can be fired for any reason. Also you can quit at any time without recourse. The only limits to firing are race, sex, gender,religion, color, vetearn status.
  11. After seeing this story covered on the TV NEWS, I can't help but think there is much more to it all.

    Seems the Individual didn't work for Miller, just a Miller distributor. He was a fork lift operator.

    He was out on the town with some Buds (no pun intended) at a local hot spot, when a journo doing a story on "night life" asked the group if he could take their picture. The "fired one" is front and center in the pic, proudly holding his bottle of Bud in his right hand, with the label clearly forward, his index finger pointing at the label. His left arm is resting on a friends shoulder, and his left hand index finger is also pointed at the bottle. Just odd.
    Apparently he was told by his employer he was no longer needed, no mention of the picture in the paper.
    His Lawyer is the one trying to make the claim that he was fired for drinking Bud Light instead of Miller. Seems to be more of an "Ambulance chasing" sort of thing.

    But who knows