How essential?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by braveheart, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Essential, were at a disadvantage because we dont have the option.

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  2. Not essential, but bloody useful

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  3. Who gives a f*ck

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  4. Its not worthwhile, we dont need it

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  5. Waste of time and money to do anything about it.

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  1. Forgive me if this is in the wrong area...

    How unfortunate do you find it that British soldiers can't operate their weapon from the left shoulder when need-be?

    I personally can't join any of the forces because of this as my right eye isn't what you'd call spectacular. However, my right eye meets the requirements for a recruits left eye, and my left eye meets the requirements for a new recruits right eye, so in a nut shell, if the SA-80 was suitable for use on both shoulders, i'd probably be ok to join.

    Im saying this because all i read is about shortages in new recruits etc etc, yet there are people like my kicking themselfs because they can't join for reasons that essentially could be solved... its not like i have no legs, my only problem is my right eye. I know the number of potential recruits in my situation is probably just a drop in the ocean - but isn't that what the army needs right now?

    Therefore my question is this, would it be worth coming to a comprimise for my situation, say adopting a second 'standard' personal weapon for left shoulder shooters (for example the M16 - i say for example!) because scrapping the SA-80, rightfully, isn't going to happen any time soon. In turn this will therefore potentially allow people in my shoes to join, and thus one thing capping the number of recruits joining is removed with minimal effort. Yeh it'll cost a bit of money, but so do recruitment drives that don't appear to do much.

    Obviously it's a balancing act between money and necessity. Are soldiers limited enough by the lack of 'flexibility' for it to be worthwhile, or should people like me just accept that theres nothing we can do?

    Im in no position to comment, but most of you guys are and if you're willing, post what you think about the limits of being restricted to the right shoulder and in general, similar things limiting recruits that could essentially be solved...

    Cheers, im just curious. I want to be green, always have and its a kick in the teeth when theres nothing you can do to achieve what you want.
  2. A secondary question is should the weapon be able to fire from both sides with out striping the weapon, many people point out that you can only shoot from shoulder in an OBUA environment as being a reason for getting a weapon that can fire form both shoulder but I doubt the same people would want to field strip there weapon to attain this (I can just imagine it "wheres the fcuking c ocking handle")
  3. Solution: P-90s.
  4. Can't you get your eyes swapped around? 8O

    Ohh, wait a minute, what about firing upside down?

    Might wreck havoc with the prone position though 8O

    :D :D :D

    (Sorry couldn't resist)

    [Serious Head On]Could laser eye surgery help? I know it's not cheap but if it's a career you're after...
  5. I've had my unfair share of eye trouble; I'm slightly left eye dominant, (and virtually blind in my right eye) which caused me many a problem on the ranges (Stevie Wonder gets better groupings)

    I've heard that it is sometimes possible to get a 'sympathetic' opticians report (bribe the fookers - works for the police eye test) and sometimes you can write the eye chart sequence on your left hand so when you cover your left eye you might have a chance of getting some letters right.

    The SA80 can be used wang-handed, you can turn off the gas setting to bugga all and use it as a bolt action, but not when there are grown-ups around. If you do have to fire left handed; it's not the warm brass that should be the main concern, but the cocking handle that might end up tickling your cheek bone a bit.

    Someone did mention to me before that as I was left eye dominant I would get issued a SUSAT - Went to see bod from QM's, he says; "Yes mate, that's right." I say's; "Can I have one then?" His reply; "Not a fucking hope in hell - fuck off!" I thanked him for his honesty and closed the door on my way out.

  6. you could always volunteer to carry gpmg/minimi perfect for left handers
  7. I have seen several people get an opticians report that allows them to get a susat fitted to their rifle, I'm not certain of the procedure to go through to get it done though.
  8. Firstly, thanks for the replies so far...

    I think the problem with the opticians reports etc, when it all comes down to it, my right eye just isnt good enough. The army (at the minute anyway) really just doesn't want to know anything about you if you fail their current entry requirements - no matter how big or small the miss.

    Hopefully its something they'll look at in the near-ish future.

    When/if the time comes in many years and its never going to happen, I'll officially apply, just to get kb'd so i can say i've at least officially tried :evil: (at the moment all i've done is enquired -several times :twisted: - and been told to tod along). As i understand it, if you're kb'd once then chances are you won't be considered again.

    Maybe i should emigrate and become a yank. infact fcuk that, aussie?
  9. Perhaps he could get a Optical Coherence Pachymetry which can swap the inputs for the
    two different eye (optical) nerves around. Which essentially just swaps around what one
    sees with each eye. Its been used quite a bit now apparently but
    theyve stopped doing it because it causes the nerves to pass closer to the main rectal nerve
    in the brain and this has been known to cause opticalrectalitis where the rectal and optical
    nerves cross over and it can give a chap a seriously shitty outlook on life.

  10. Why should the army want anything to do with you if you've failed their entry standards? The entry levels are there for a reason. It's inconceivable for the army to add you to their MSN / Email / Favourites folder and invite you to a BBQ every weekend. Face it, you have the vision of a myopic mole who's been maced. Get over it.