How effective was strategic bombing in the defeat of Germany

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bigdumps, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. I've had an argument with a mate of mine (he's soon to join the RAF) and he swears blind that the strategic bombing of Germany was vital to winning WW2.

    I disagreed, saying that yes it was important but bare in mind there were enormous problems in navigation (I understand that the RAF only bombed at night (?) which would only make it harder and maybe most bombs missed the industrial targets), targeting and anyway, surely the Germans suffered from a lack of resources, i.e., oil to carrying on the war?

    Also...I looked on wikipedia (the source of all knowledge I know...) and it quotes the US strategic bombing survey which points out that if anything there was an increase in war material production - how could that be the case if strategic bombing was so effective?

    To be honest, my knowledge of air power is very limited (like my knowledge of everything else to be fair)...and can anyone shed light on this?
  2. It was no more effective than the Nazi Blitz was for winning the war for Hitler.

    But it made people feel good that we were taking the war to them (sausage eating boxheads).

    Later in the war, with total allied air supremacy a reversion to daylight bombing, better & bigger bombs, better and bigger aeroplanes, H2S Navigational aids and more accurate bombsights did strategic bombing really take effect !

    Hurrah for Barnes Wallis !
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  3. the RAF lost 57000 men,was it worthit .Berlin cemetary is a funny place theres seven graves and then a space. we pondered this and then we knew, there was seven men in a bomber crew
  4. It was important in that it demonstrated to the Russians that we were activly doing something to help them.
  5. Read 'Guy Gibson' by Richard Morris. ISBN 0-670-82878-5.

    Then check the bibliography within it.
  6. As in Dresden... But mainly it showed (Getting all Churchillian) that not only could Britain take it, we could dish it out too !
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  8. The attack on oil production, oil refineries and tank farms was, extremely successful and made a very large contribution to the general collapse of Germany in 1945. In the event, the bombing of oil facilities became Albert Speer's main concern; however, this occurred sufficiently late in the war that Germany would soon be defeated in any case. Nevertheless, it is fair to say the oil bombing campaign materially shortened the war, thereby saving many lives.

    (Robbed from wiki)
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  9. wenglish
  10. The Soviet advance probably had something to do with it too.
  11. Precisely ! As in NOT German and therefore YES ! 8O
  12. It strikes me that it is effective, but to contribute defeat, air power has to work in synergy with land and sea forces. Air power on its own I doubt would be effective.

    Does the bomber always get through? no it doesn't! IMO uneducated opinion air power has been overrated for many years by its proponents. No way am I saying air power and bombing is useless, just that it hasn't lived up to the hype it initially had.
  13. It certainly became more effective from Middle 1944 onwards, but never underestimate the Speer factor. The man was simply a production/logistics genius

    Wasn't it Carl Spaatz who said if he had known just how crucial Speer had been to the German war effort, he'd have had the entire 8th Air Force hunting for him?
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