How effective is this pre-electional propaganda?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. Is there anybody who changed his position (about elections) last month?


    Do you agree with Telegraph?

    As to me then flying pigs were more original.
  2. For us living in the world of Ripper et al, any of these posters are going to seem somewhat bland.
  3. Plus I think you'll find that most of us on this site will agree that particular poster anyway! :wink:
  4. My mate with the blue rosette explains it thus:

    Tory polling is showing pretty encouraging results in key marginal seats. It is the million or so voters in these areas who will decide the election, thanks to our gerrymandered knacker of our political system. Furthermore, Labour knows this too.

    Elections don't have much to do with persuading most's getting them to actually turn out in the first place. This is a major problem for Labour as the polls suggest that they have it in the bag so a lot of their voters think "why bother?"

    So, the Cunning Plan is something like this.

    1. Labour rock up on R4 this AM and say that "the Tories are too close for comfort in the marginals." Result? Labour voters turnout, concerned about Tory victory.

    2. Tories claim that they aren't doing great but launch negative campaigning attacks on Tony and Co (funny how in the Liberal media telling the truth along the lies of "Tone gave us all a load of BS about Iraq" is "negative"). Result? Voters in Labour marginals relax, thinking the Tories are phucked, Tory voters turn out wanting to boost their party.

    See? Both sides playing the same game. I like a bit of a wager. So I went down to the bookies and I've got fifty quid on Labour winning with a majority of no less than fifty seats and no more than seventy. Shame, 'cos I'd like to see them kicked out but this is money we're talking about!

    The question I'd like to ask ARRSE'rs (who haven't had their votes robbed off 'em) is: Do you live in a marginal? If so you can vote knowing that your vote is worth ten of mine (I live in a True Blue constituency with a massive Tory majority).

    Check out this linky at the bed-wettingly leftist BBC.

  5. I'm mailing in all my votes from coyoteville...
  6. Nowt wrong with displaying the truth is there. The sooner that grinning liar is put out of his misery the better.
  7. Would you believe the sheer audacity of those at no 10?

    They bitch and whine when the tories get personal RE: Blairs unpopularity and penchant for doublespeak.

    Do me a favour? remind me which party brought out posters condeming Howards record, his beliefs and then to make matters worse, insult his (and letwins) religion by offensive posters.

    Pot: "Calling kettle?"

    Kettle: "loud and clear pot"

    Pot: "You are black!"
  8. I watched a party election broadcast, which was full of lies:

    they accused the conservatives of planning cuts in education, and charges for operations on the NHS, both of which are 100% falsehoods.
  9. Stoatman, think yourself lucky.

    In my hunting grounds, there have been hundreds of labour posters all over the city. EVERYONE of them contains lies. £35 billion cuts to the NHS, education and police along with Increased income tax under tories.

    Arent those two counter-intiuitive?

    Even gordon wouldnt have to put up income tax to fund £35B of cuts (although im sure he would if he could.) :twisted:

    I was so pissed out at the lack of ANY other opposition posters that i was about write to the other partycandidates and chew them out about it, but then i notice that the labour ones are being covered over by tory ones and they seem to be concentrating on the real issues, like waste in thepublic sector, labours lies on taxes, the lies over the war, crime on the increase, poor state of NHS, early release for prisoners etc etc.
  10. I just love the fact that when labour voters switch to lib dem in a marginal, the lib dem vote goes up (by how much is irrelevant, they are still no-hopers), the labour vote goes down by the critical few % and the tories slip into first place.

    So labour have to keep ALL of their voters or they are knackered.

  11. I think the tories policy unit have realised exactly what you are saying, and are taking advantage of it by trying to alienate any swing voters in to voting for anyone but labour. Byy doing this, they aim to decimate labour's lead and adding a few to the tories and a few to the others, but not enough to stop the tories taking over the No1 spot.

    keep it up guys

  12. I doubt that mr.Howard and moreover mr.Letwin are very religious.,,2-1541034,00.html

    Btw, pork among Israelis is very popular too.
  13. Err by "very popular" you mean "Is pretty much banned everywhere, but some secular-minded areas may permit it, even though it is banned under Jewish law"???

    You're not Alister Campbellovitch by any chance, are you?
  14. It is popular amoungst Russian emigres, though I wouldn't say that it is popular amoungst the population in general. It's not openly available but it is obtainable if you know how, there is a Kibbutz that has a herd of pigs and does quite well out of it. I've even eaten pork chops in a Russian-run resteraunt in the main square in Netanya (on a Friday evening to boot!)