How Easy To Select Own Start Date

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by boobs, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Not to appear as if I'm throbbing or anything, but I have a question. How easy is it to dictate when I start basic?

    I say this as I'm going to Leeds Festival with some old mates. - It could well be the last time I see a few of them as one is moving to the other side of the world cause he likes having the odd BBQ and a lot are moving off around the country for uni. I have asked the recruiter and said it should be fine, but not too sure to take his word as absolute.
  2. :| i think you must be the first person i have EVER heard that would seriously contemplate delaying basic training!
  3. Loads of people delay it to get their fitness up. :roll:
  4. Ah well like i said its a first time for me hearing about someone delaying it, surely its pretty easy to build up your fitness prior to basic as you have to have a basic level of fitness required to pass ADSC ?
  5. Maybe if you think abit more about the reason why, he obviously realises once hes in the army he may not see his civvy mates for a long time which is quite true, theres nothing wrong with him bein worried about missing a last weekend out with the lads, at least then he wont be kicking himself in basic when the homesickness kicks in.
  6. don't know why your still asking here after your CA said yes....

    but i booked a holiday with the boys before i decided to join army, soo i also had to plan my basic around that.
  7. Boobs. Love the name, love the avatar. I'm weak and shallow and I don't care.

    But, in answer to your question I pose this answer.

    Once you cut away the fat and the dressing and all the trimmings, applying for a job in the army is the same process as any other job in the world. Youre starting with an employer and a potential employee. The employer tells you what he is looking for and you tell the employer what you are looking for. Both sides think about it over a smoke and a brew and decision is made by both parties. Everyone shakes hands and pats each others back, maybe even bugger off down the pub for a pint and a game of darts.

    So, employer says "I want you pal", and you say "I'm in but only available after this date." Employer says, "Ok that works for me" and everyone is happy. (More beer drinking and darts may take place at this point.)

    Now this is where you did really well. Once obtaining the ok from your future employer, you came onto an internet forum with the answer to your own question, buried within the question. Pure talent me old china. You will go far old boy, maybe even make Lance Corporal within 20 years.

    I wish you luck within the RLC :wink:
  8. OK, fair enough with the piss taking and/or ridicule but through the process I have had a lot of "I'm not sure, you better ask someone else" I've even had an interview on Monday the 3rd of June (The 3rd of June was a Tuesday, OK, a small mistake but an (albeit weak) example).

    And it could well be the last time I see my mate of 11 years and I can't see a better fitting last goodbye then a weekend of non stop debauchery, but sorry if that's weak.

    Edited to replace drinking with debauchery.
  9. Do you have a confirmed start date yet?

    If you delay your phase 1 for however long, then some other guy, who wants your job more is going to get in there in first, and could be finshing his basic before youve even passed ADSC, it could happen if your deffered. IMO put your ticket on ebay and start your basic, real friends are for life and all that blah blah anyway.

    And if RATM dont do a cash grabbing uk tour, ill bake my cat.
  10. I know this is an old topic, but don't want to start a new one in fear of getting my head bitten off lol.
    Just wondering if I could say, do an ADSC later this year, but not actually start basic until August 2010.
    I think my excuse is a little more viable as I'm still at 6th form and plan on completing it before I join up, but would like to know the results of an ADSC ASAP so that if I have serious condition ie heart murmur I know to concetrate on going to uni etc.
  11. SantaSpud - I'm not 100% sure but I think that if you pass ADSC and then don't start basic for a really long time, you have to do selection all over again.

    That's what happened to someone I know, but I don't know the full details so could well be wrong
  12. you have 12 months after selcetion to do basic i was told..!
  13. Pretty much spot on.

    Remember, it is your application and it should be driven by you, that means you enlist and go to phase 1 training when you are ready ;)

    We have plenty of applicants that have holidays booked etc that they want to go on before joining so quite a lot especially at this time of the year prefer to defer enlistment until after the summer, understandible in my opinion especially if they are already in employment.

    As i said it's your application and you shouldnt go into training until you are ready.

    What concerns me though is why you would disbelieve your recruiter and yet you ask on here where i have seen plenty of people talking complete crap :D
  14. Thx for this I will just check when my exams end etc so I know when I can start basic but I don't expect to get down there until August at least. Also have to check when the intakes are next year for (OP) Asisstants because the recruiter said there was a wait.
  15. I missed my Grandfather's funeral because it was the day on which I started basic training. I thought it just wasn't the 'done' thing and would be completely frowned upon.