how easy is it to transfer to another regiment

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cferguson, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Im wondering how easy it is to transfer to another regiment while in the infantry?
  2. Well from the impression I have got on here it's not all that easy.. Because once you are in they don't like to let you go because they will be short handed, so it may be a hard and long process. That said I could be wrong but it's the impression I have got while reading on here. Though are you looking to transfer from 1 Infantry regiment to another Infantry regiment or from Infantry into something completely different? should you say the latter then prepare for the flaming (assuming you're not already in and just picking infantry to get in sooner that is) :twisted:
  3. nah ive passed my selection and all that stuff but, there was no spaces in the regiment in the i wanted to go which was the junior paras. so im now joining the scots guards instead just so i could do my junior training.
  4. I wouldn't be to sure, I'd say your best bet (Besides the balloon coprs obviously :-s) would be go have a chat to your recruiter and ask.
  5. what you on about you tit haha, happens to be my recruiters a scots guardsmen and would be pretty fucked up asking him to change!

    i passed my selection on the 15th of january, but have to get a check up on my ankle cause ive got plates for before training. More than you you prick hahaaa!

    your only on your ******* job choice all im waiting for is phase 1
  6. Awesome attitude my man. Have some balls, ask to change.
  7. Lmao! Don't get mouthy kid.. If you are going to run that mouth of yours every time somebody gives you some advice (That you asked for) then don't ask for any you tool.....

    Oh wow congratulations would you like a medal?? You signed up before somebody else.. Let me pull the whole forum together to give you a round of a fvcking plause because it is obviously such a big achivement in what must be a sad and quite pathetic life....

    Oh and by the way I've passed selection before ;) about 5 years ago ;)..

    Yes I'm on my job choises you are waiting for phase 1 to go into a regiment you don't even want to be in.. How does it feel??? Pretty shit I bet, must be almost like failure haha.. Congratulations
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  8. Ishiot is right. There's having a crack, and then there's being a gobby little twat. The latter is going to get you a slap even in the army, presuming you make it that far. Wind your bloody neck in.

    As has been also said, with all your gobbing off it comes down to the fact you're lacking balls to request a change. Not quite the hardarse you're pushing out. Request the change, end of story.
  9. sorry mate i thought you where the guy that was taking the piss about the royal balloon thing. Im new at this site haha, but thanks for the info
  10. How old are you ? Are you going winchester
  11. im 16 snd yeah how?
  12. Do you know if there places for junior entry still available ?