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How does this look? just got my beret!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ben_robinson, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Is this ok, i thought my eyes and eye brows were boing so i spiced them up too!
  2. Always nice to see the spirit of Dunkirk is alive and well.
  3. :roll: Oh please.
  4. Either straighten the beret across your forehead or put your head on straight.
  5. Looks sh1t. Bit more time needed I think.
  6. are you ALLOWED to wear that much eye-shadow?
  7. Did you shape that with a brick?
  8. Do you mean the beret or the head?
  9. Okay for the cadets
  10. The heed. It looks somewhat traumatised.
  11. They're gonna love you...
  12. sort it out or some chopper is gonna land on it
  13. Should you have Southern Comfort in your bedroom?

    Were you knocking it back before you took the photo and modded it?
  15. It was a good idea to hide your eyes and eyebrows Ben Robinson, otherwise somebody on here may have found out your true identity.