How does this look? just got my beret!!

are you ALLOWED to wear that much eye-shadow?


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Did you shape that with a brick?
Sixty said:
Did you shape that with a brick?
Do you mean the beret or the head?
Okay for the cadets
Should you have Southern Comfort in your bedroom?

Were you knocking it back before you took the photo and modded it?
Yeah you definately need to reshape that dustbin lid of a also need to get down to Specsavers as those glasses are shiite :D
I have always found that to get rid of excess material you need to shrink it good and propper. Now you can fcuk around with hot water and that will work in time. The best and most overlooked method is to put it on a hot wash this will ensure its shrunk and as a brucie it will be fluff free.
Also cut out the crap inner lining it dont do bugger all. And dont listen to any know it all who tells you that the leather band will shrink it doesnt leather stretches with heat how else do they shape shoes.

Good luck mate about 95 degrees should do it just make sure ther is no powder in it, just water will do fine.

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