How does the TA compare with the real thing?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Commander, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. How does the TA compare with the real thing?

    Sarcastic and sensible answers welcome from TA and forces.
  2. Difference between a w*ank and fcuk.... Depends on the hand and the girl.
  3. good answer Steptoe!
  4. even if your reserves or reg you're still a Soldier of the British Army!
    the TA Plays a Vital Role on operations

  5. The view from Fozzy's office window:

    Big Army = Regular Army + TA + Reservists

    Each component has different terms and conditions - and there is significant movement between all three components.

    So I would argue that the TA is the Real Thing.
    The guys in WW1 and WW2 certainly thought so, and I'm sure the ******* shooting at "The Big Army" on Telic 2 didn't care about my T+C's! (mind you neither did Kentigern House)
  6. All pretty real to me unless you are living in a dream world?
  7. May be you're not a rep after all - my apologies Dunny.
  8. Question and a half that....

    Does the TA compare to the real thing.....:lol: Not sure if anyone on here's been to a fake Iraq or Afghan like...
  9. I dunno T-C. Why pose the question?
  10. (Tongue in cheek): TA work during the week and are soldiers at weekends. Regulars do the opposite.

    Isn't ambiguity wonderful?
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  11. Puttees - Yeah, it's great, and from a financial perspective it also means maximum use of and minimal conflict over training resources e.g. ATE. Winner!

    Now all they need to do it sort out the mess which is terms of service, mobilisation lead times, post-demobilisation support, employer relations, soldiers concern over enforced disclosure of their membership of the TA to their civilian employers, medal lag times, training course availability (not directed at BSTTs who are wonderful), anything to do with Glasgow, 'MORE PEPPER', MTD-caps, and insert some spine into the political masters over voluntary mobilisation for MACA tasks such as Op FRESCO.

    However, they have/are getting it right with ArmyNET, mobilisation & pre-deployment training, moving webbing onto your 1157s, funding for recruitment, welfare support for deployed TA soldiers and their families (I am informed from grass roots), BSTTs, RFCAs, mobilisation hardship allowances, loan stores, and the ever increasing recognition that the majority of our number are quite capable of holding their own on ops.

    How does TA compare with the real thing? Loaded question, because the TA is one essential element of the real thing.
  12. I apologise if the phrasiology (is that how you spell it?) of my initial topic question caused any offence. Non meant.

    You have all answered my question in one way or another : The TA is clearly an Integral, and extremely important, component of the bigger picture. The TA members are as important as the rest and they pride themselves in what they do.


    (i apologise in advance as i have probably offended someone with this post too?!)
  13. No need to apologise - the insecure will just raise doubts about your sincerity.