How does the SDSR effect you?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Black_knight, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. I'm researching for a presentation next week and I'm keen to get the views of arrse posters of different ranks.
    I'd like to know:

    -How do you perceive the recent SDSR has effected you? Include the immediate effects that you have already experienced aswell as how you perceive it will effect you in the future.
    -How do you think the changes currently being brought about could be implemented more effectively?
    -What is currently ineffective, untenable or improving and what needs to be considered?

    I appreciate your views.
  2. oooh is that a journo?
  3. No, even worse than that, an OCdt.
  4. I will lose my CEA because because I have actually been job swapping with my muckers around the Salibury Plain region for the last 10 years, whilst living in my own home. So, little Johnny and darling Harriot will have to be taken out of their expensive school, which the MoD funds, and educated in some state funded sink hole.
  5. Nobody knows the full effect because no detail has been provided yet. We know there will be less people, less tanks etc but where exactly these cuts will be made and when has not yet permeated down. You would be better off pulling a sickie on the day of the presentation and rescheduling for when someone has a scooby whats going on!
  6. - Effect? I'm fcuked: paying for the privilege of serving abroad. Incidentally, not a volunteer but 'in the interest of the service'.
    - More effective changes? By thinking about what is required instead of how to save a sh1tload of money.
    - Ineffective and untenable? Anything that is not AFG focussed. Oh, and the RAF Regiment.
    - Improving? Wait out.