How does the recruitment work?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Azza87, May 24, 2009.

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  1. I wanted to know how the recruitment worked, I am wondering if its based on first come first served.

    I want(ed) to join up as an electrician in the Royal Engineers but with this recession thing going on it seems like the waiting list could even be up to a year. I wanted to join long before this recession, I have gone back to college to get GCSE's which are the qualifications required to join. I went to the army careers about 2 years ago where I said I will come back when i have the qualis to get in, I also have level 2 c&g electrical installation.

    Will showing that I am not just joining because i can't get a job help me much? I mean seriously, will it push me ahead of the queue at all? There always seems to be something else popping up to stop me joining up!
  2. Doors open at 9 o"clock and the first 10 through the door are in.

    PS The first man through is fast tracked straight into the SAS but dont let on now ;)
  3. Thats okay, I was expecting the first reply to be witty and come within a couple of minutes of posting from someone who spends a lot of time here with 100+ posts

  4. You turn up, sign the papers, get on a bus and get shipped off to fight the huns
  5. Ooooooooh. Nasty.