how does the recruiter know

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by computersaysno, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. ....whether you are teling the truth about your 1.5 mile run time?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    All recruiters have done interrogation training and can spot someone telling a porky a mile away.
    Some recruiting centres also use hidden retina scanning cameras which work as lie detectors to the trained operators.

    Did you lie :?
  3. no i was telling the truth but because im a bit chubby he frowned at me as if to say he didnt believe me!
  4. what time did you get then?
  5. my time is 11.12
  6. We dont, but if your lying you face the consequences and get deferred for six months when you fail at ADSC. Thats why I always tried to get my applicants on a pre ADSC with the AYT's before they went. Lots talked a good run but when the chips were down couldnt do it or didnt take the half mile warm up into account. Get on a Pre selection or look at life first to give you the confidence.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Are you sure it was 1.5 miles?
  8. yea positive 0.76 miles there 0.76 miles back is my route. but i normally focus on running longer distances.
  9. blimey - thats slow.
  10. I did a look at life nad clocked 8:13, never done it that fast. When the recruiter asked me the time he said what did you get on your look at life and I told him 8:13, now I'm scared. Its going to be hard to hit that time again, if I don't will I fail? But I didn't lie about my time just told them what I got on my Look at life. I'll just have to put 110% effort in on the day and clock a good time.
  11. right in the nuts :twisted:
  12. I'm worried.
  13. what was you carrying????
  14. Dont worrie about it mate, Just keep running, I am a big bloke myself 16 stone but i play Rugby. My run time is not the fastest as some of the other lads but once i kit my self out with my CEMO i can do the same speed the fast lads are dying at the rear,

    Just do your best mate thats all anyone can ask from you, Dont worrie and get on with it,

    Best of luck
  15. We used to get a brief course report back regarding each applicant from the Look at Life or Pre ADSC selection course from the AYT (I attended most of them with my applicants aswell). This was used to add to the interview notes and I also sent a copy up to the PSO when he went to ADSC for the two days Recruit selection. It was a valuable tool and gave the PSO more to go on whilst there incase they did have a shocker on the day. It also gave the individual areas where they needed to improve, you obviously have quite a good run time already so work on the other areas now like your upper body strenght and icebreaker, confidence etc. If you are slightly down on the day as long as you show your putting the effort in there shouldnt be a problem, those nearer the 11.30 mark have more to worry about.