How does the BBC Radio 4 get away with it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. During the thirteen years of disastrous misrule, the BBC Radio 4 never stopped trumpeting the Labour cause.

    In the run-up to the General Election Radio 4 continued to blare out Labour propaganda and to denigrate the Tory Party and it's policies.

    Following the election, which Radio 4 seems to have difficulty understanding that Labour lost, we are subjected, day in day out, to the whingeing and whining voices of remnants from the catastrophe that was 'New' Labour.

    Never ending 'party political broadcasts' by the excremental and mental Balls; assorted Milibands, Johnson, Abbott, Hewitt (I had hoped she had died); Hodge; the hateful Hain even spouted forth; thankfully Harman has not been in prominence.

    The BBC Radio 4 never stops sniping at and about the 'coalition' and predicting the downfall thereof and interviewing 'experts' who toe the Labour 'line' - whatever that might. It never interviews a Conservative minister without constant and rude interruption. It mocks any Lib/Dem member, excepting of course the 'Labour luvvie' Vince 'Hindsight' Cable and the proto-soviet Simon Hughes.

    It is grossly unfair that this unbridled bias to Labour is allowed to continue unchecked.

    Labour had their chance and cocked it up in mega-style and became the worst, the very ever government of this nation - now they should shut up and watch how it ought to be done. Labour brought this country close to bankruptcy (again) and now we are forced to listen to the arch arse Balls telling us that he told the oaf Brown and the spineless Darling that they were wrong!

  2. Feel better?
  3. It's that cricket he's really upset about :)
  4. i think you need to buy a radio where you can change channels
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Do the BBC have a Radio 4? Didn't know that. My preferences stop at No. 2, but even then, only when that ginger dullard isn't around.
  6. Good thing you didn't listen to that tw*t jeremy vine on radio 2 a few weeks ago when he let mandleson plug his book for 10 minutes. vine was so far up the gaylord's backside that i actually felt physically sick, yet the first conservative mp he interviewed a day or so later, he was sniping about his private education and generally being quite malicious.
  7. As the BBC prefer to use "United Kingdom" and seem to have air brushed "Britain" out of the common lexicon, what do you imagine the first "B" might refer to?

  8. Bastards Buggers and Communists , the lot of em.
  9. Ah, so that's where Hazel Blears has been hiding! I did wonder whether she'd slipped down a manhole in Salford (we should be so lucky). Or is it just Mandy Pansy who gets stuck in manholes? But I do agree with the OP's general point: the Islington mindset of the bien pensants simply won't allow them to come out of denial and face the fact that the party (and, inshallah, the Party) is over. Tossers.
  10. As a slight aside:

    Has anyone recently received an e-mail from a gentleman who wants to supply willing servicemen to voice their experiences from Afghanistan on Radio 4?

    I had one on Monday but deleted it as soon as I read the part stating "no fee will be paid for the interview".
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Radio 3 isn't bad, as long as they stick to playing decent stuff (which they are doing, wonderfully, during the Proms season) and avoid 'world music', whatever caterwauling that consists of on any given day.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the BBC seem stuck in a '70s timewarp. Every odd idea that surfaced there is given free rein and total support. Green lunacy, the wonders of all things eco-, the demonisaiton of Israel, the 'justness' of the Irish republican cause, the benefits of unlimited immigration, the wonders of Roma culture, and the loveliness of the Black Panthers have all featured on the BBC over the past few days.

    I do luckily still have an off button, and can even change channels to new-fangled 'commercial' stations, but of course....

    I don't HAVE to pay for them whether I watch/listen to them or not, unlike the BBC.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Labour Party - they haven't gone away you know!
  13. I think the BBC has become more & more left biased politically for many years as much of Britains establishment has including Education and the Justice system! Greg Dyke was one of the DG's who made it clear where the corporation was heading in this broadcast in 2001 where he described its management as being "hideously white", what an asshole! :- BBC News | SCOTLAND | Dyke: BBC is 'hideously white'
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Easily solved - just encourage your staff to go to these events:
    Ex ‘tried to torch me at black man’s orgy’ court told | The Sun |News
    "The alleged attack happened at a private house in Radlett, Herts - a regular venue for the orgies.
    Helen told the court 150 club members were due to attend. She explained members were "either black guys or ladies into black guys". "

    I fear that there is no call for anything of an opposite nature, so I'll just have to go on hoping :)
  15. I would prescribe a short course of Peter Hitchens articles, or a twenty minute visit to the local Medium Secure Unit- whichevers more convenient.

    You'll be feeling happier in no time.