How does the 2 REP (FFL) compare to the British Paras?

probably the most insightful commentary on the FFL is Appel

A Canadian in the French Foreign Legion​

Not read the book, but have read reviews and summaries. We are in agreement.

Not some of the gumpf that tends to be written by deserters looking for excuses.
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Which medal ribbon is he wearing ?
Medaille de la Defense Nationale (Bronze).
The chocolate one brought in by the Socialist President, Mitterand in 1982, so that conscripts could get a medal by the time their year's service was done. It is a points based system for which various duties count.
In 2 REP at the time it was instantly called the "Medaille de Chocolat" or "MDC". As the Brits were piling in (to the regiment) from then on and many French acronyms are English ones the other way around it became the "CDM" for the Brits or the "Cadbury's Dairy Milk".
From the Legion's Recruiting Page:

The door is still open (despite Covid-19), though this looks a little unseasonal for the Paris outskirts at this time of year.
A couple of slightly dated pictures posted on 2 REP's official Instagram page showing some typical Corsican terrain:

The above reminds me of an old French comedy film, a few may get the reference: "Rester Groupir!"

Nice aerial shot of Calvi Town with the 2 REP Regimental Crest superimposed:

Camp Raffalli is approximately six to seven kilometres away along the beach seen on the left of the picture.
A recording of some marches and songs made by 2 REP (with its own band) in 1969:

2ème R.E.P. - Chants de marche et de tradition de la Légion par le 2ème Régiment Etranger de Parachutiste

1 Chant du 2ème R.E.P. (Trad.) (Par tout le Régiment)
2 Nous sommes de la Légion (Trad.) (Par la Compagnie d'Appui et d'Eclairage)
3 La petite piste (Trad.) (Par la 3ème Compagnie)
4 Un légionnaire monte la garde (Trad.) (Par la Compagnie de Commandement et des Services)
5 La lune est claire (Trad.) (Par la 1ère Compagnie)
6 Connaissez-vous ces hommes (Trad.) (Par la 1ère Compagnie)
7 Chant des légionnaires parachutistes (Trad.) (Par la Compagnie d'Appui et d'Eclairage)
8 En Afrique (Trad.) (Par la 2ème Compagnie)
9 Chant de bivouac - Eugénie (Trad.)
10 Chant de bivouac - Les cosaques (Trad.)
11 Chant de bivouac - Je revois mon village (Trad.)
12 Chant de bivouac - Westerwald (Trad.)
13 Chant traditionnel - Ich hatt' einen Kameraden
14 Chant de Noël - Stille Nacht (Trad.)
15 Chant de Noël - Adeste Fideles (Trad.)
16 Chant de Noël - O du Seilige (Trad.)
17 Chant de Noël - O Tannenbaum (Trad.)

1 à 8 Chants : direction Lieutenant Bernachot Musique du 2ème R.E.P., Direction : Adjudant Norenberg

9 à 17 Choeurs et orchestre du 2ème R.E.P., Direction : Lieutenant Bernachot

Photo : à 2500m au-dessus de Calvi

Janeret 92.027 (1969)
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Another old recording, this time of the Legion Band, also found on YouTube:

La Légion N°1
Musique de la Légion Etrangère
Direction : capitaine Marcel Lasalmonie

1 Présentation par Jean de Faucon (Texte de Pascal Bonetti, extrait du livre "Pages de Gloire de la Légion Etrangère", A. Martel, éditeur)
2 Refrain de la Légion Etrangère (Trad.)
3 Le salut au caïd (Arrgt. M. Lasalmonie)
4 La Légion marche (P. Wolfram, C. Jährig, Arr. M. Lasalmonie)
5 Le chant du Régiment Etranger de Cavalerie (Arr. M. Lasalmonie)
6 La légende des bresles (A la gloire des Régiments étrangers de Cavalerie) (Arr. M. Lasalmonie)
7 Marche de la Légion Etrangère (Enregistrement intégral) (Wilhelms)
8 Le criquet (Arrgt. M. Lasalmonie)
9 Figuig (Quéru)
10 Les chants légionnaires (Arrgt. de M. Lasalmonie sur les principaux chants de la Légion)

Decca 115.140 (1973)
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Did you enjoy writing it?
can't claim any credit, read it about 4 months ago. It doesent contain any bulshit I found it entertaining and factual. unlike some of the other dross that is spewed out by keyboard warriors.
can't claim any credit, read it about 4 months ago. It doesent contain any bulshit I found it entertaining and factual. unlike some of the other dross that is spewed out by keyboard warriors.
And your authoritative point of reference is?
Not 2 REP, but 2 REG, obviously a Company on a rotational tour of attachment to 3 REI in French Guyana. Some pictures posted on the Legion's official Facebook page of Legion Sappers destroying an illegal gold mining site in the junglea as part of the permanently ongoing Op Harpie:


A link to a clip featuring a dynamic interview by two journalists of the Major (UK senior WO1 equivalent) Gerald, the Legion's senior PTI. It takes place at the Assault Course in the 1 REC base at Carpiagne which is relatively close to 1 RE at Aubage where Major Gerald is based. He takes them through some of the generic obstacles (common across the French Army) and then some PT involving some self-defence moves. Of note is a demonstration of the correct technique to cross the "Planche Irlandaise/Hollandaise" (I've heard it named both ways) from 05.10 in the clip. This is a particularly difficult obstacle to cross which flummoxes most recruits, even the really fit ones. It necessitates a particular technique. Also of note is a rather cute female Lieutenant hovering in the background of some shots.
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Jean d'Épée

So the Legionnaires and Caporaux are forbidden to use the Réfectoire / Ordinaire (JRM) for their Dinner? That seems to me to be illegal. As I understand it, the Junior Ranks’ Mess has an allocated sum of money per head for feeding arrangements.

While the meagre breakfast at the Ordinaire was always considered optional (apart from for the newbies) with the preference being to buy proper coffee and croissants from the Company Clubs, they in no way substituted for Lunch and Dinner except for exceptional cases and Company Commanders were expected to ensure that Legionnaires were adequately fed.

I remember when as a new arrival, I had been given some arduous “corvées” (duties). I and some others had been rinsing sea jump parachutes in the Fiume Secco river all day and we had returned late and missed the dinner parade. The “Sergent de Semaine” just put us to work raking the gravel on the Parade Square. The Company Commander is leaving the block, spots me and asks me if I had a good dinner. When I told him that we hadn’t eaten, he went back inside, rifted the Company Duty Sergeant and had us marched over to the cookhouse for dinner. This Officer (a hard man) was absolutely loved by his troops.
Breakfast in theory is possible but it will never happen. You need permission from someone higher and no one is going to give it. If you’re a young legionnaire and your corporals/sergeants find out you’ve been visiting the ordinaire...good luck. Breakfast in the club was more possible but you had to pay for this, but for a young legionnaire it’s not going to happen much, mornings are for corvée and cleaning. I don’t know what the mess money sum is but I’m sure for breakfast it’s basically nothing because no one eats in the morning except the tauleurs.

Lunch is compulsory but again you have corvée chambre/section/company after so for a young legionnaire it usually means eating half your portion and then running off to work. Dinner as I said is non-existent for many companies and not encouraged in the companies that do allow it.

Jean d'Épée

Anyone can volonteer for fut-fut after basic nowadays.. several reasons for that
A normal legionnaire who has a couple of years service and a specialist course, probably a company tour or two... will not want to return to Castel to train bleu bites
Fut-futs usually do 3 sections
3 X 4 months basic equals a years service of a 5 year contract
Fûts have hardly ever in their career touched a broom and mop
Castel needs to maintain a certain amount of caporals to train new recruits...same for Sargent's
Not all are fuds but the 90 % others are
All the fut futs I know had to do 2 sections at Castel. You finish instruction, followed by FTS, vacation? Stage FGE (caporal) and then 2 x 4 month instructions. Supposedly you have the monopoly to choose whatever regiment you want after you finish your 2 instructions but I would never trust that.

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