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How does the 2 REP (FFL) compare to the British Paras?

At regular intervals, units of the 6 Light Armored Brigade in which there are several FFL units take part in the "Corymbe" mission.

It is a forward deployment on a French Navy amphibious ship in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) during which various exercises and training with local forces are conducted. The units embarked on the amphibious ship are called the "Groupement tactique embarqué" or GTE and can be deployed on any contingency Op in the GoG area.

Currently, on board FNS Dixmude, the GTE is composed of elements of the 21°RIMa (Inf), 1er RS (Cavalry), 3°RAMa (Arty) and FFL's 1er REG (Eng).


Now REPman, go and defend yourself in unarmed combat! Good training REP style.
Some more pictures from Exercise Wessex Storm:




Oh they do, it’s just not repeated much on Legion social media. And there are Brits in pictures in previous posts about this exercise.
Camelbak bags; nice little earner for the company rep who is a Brit. ex-officer.
Rep have had them for a while. Know a couple of ex REP types who have kept hold of an OG version with coyote coloured Velcro/molle
Good video of live firing training on Exercise Wessex Storm:
More from Exercise Wessex Storm:
2 PARA BG (of which 2nd Coy, 2 REP forms part for the exercise) undertaking night time fire and manoeuvre coordination training:
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2 REP 2 Cie (Coy) on Exercise Wessex Storm:
Link to an article in French explaining that the Foreign Legion has opened a Information and Recruitment Office in Saint Denis on La Reunion island, a French Territory in the India Ocean. This is the second overseas one, the first being in Papeete, Tahiti (French Polynesia). The article also confirms that the Legion is currently composed of about 9,000 men in eleven major units and constitutes 11% of French deployable ground troops.
MY COMMENT: If this is a trend, then we are likely to see another one opening up soon in the Carribean area, most likely in French Guyana. Recruiting is intensifying and with a drive to recruit more French speakers, the Legon is now directly competing for the recruitment of French nationals with the French Regular Army.
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From a post on 1 REC official social media:
An armoured platoon (UK troop equivalent) of 1 REC was integrated into a Company from 2 REP forming a SGTIA - "Sous Groupment Tactique Inter-Armes", a Composite Company-level Combat Grouping (usually combining a mix of infantry, armour, artillery and engineers) and undertook live fire training, evaluation and assessment at the CETIA Opera range complex on the Canjuers Training Area in southern France:



Each SGTIA undergoing this rotational training and evbaluation consists of between 150-200 soldiers and about 50 vehicles. The exercise consists of three phases over a three week period and encompasses the orders process, neutralisation/destruction of the enemy, taking of ground and defence in depth.

Below is a link to a video clip of a SGTIA based on a Squadron from 1 REC undertaking the same evaluation in 2019:

This training forms part of the operational preparation cycle for deployable combat units.
The 2 REP Camp Raffalli Chapel (St. Michael's of course) is being renovated:
Not 2 REP but a short video of 2 REG (the Legion's Engineer Regiment in the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade) undergoing some recent training in the French Alps:
Outside of France, there is still much misapprehension (particularly in English speaking countries) about the Battle of Dien Bien Phu involving primarily Foreign Legion troops on the French side. I have just found this image on the web, purportedly with all the insignia of the various French and Colonial units involved. Out of all the badges , I only count six Legion ones.
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Just a cool picture from 2 REP's Instagram page:
After the training jump it's the hard slog with all your kit to the RV:

Picture from official Foreign Legion social media.

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