How does the 2 REP (FFL) compare to the British Paras?


Camerone in the 3°REI in French Guyana. Camerone festivities are normally a mix of physical activities, ceremonies and festivities opened to the public. This year, of course, the public festivities were not opened to the public

Remembrance in the "Carré Légion" of the Kourou cemetery by a very senior Caporal-chef with at least 20 years service in the FFL

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Telling the Camerone story (the text has to be learnt by heart by a Lieutenant).

Of note, the belt buckle with regimental insignia. This is a developing trend in both the Army and Navy in France at the moment even though it's not regulation. This LTN has done the 6-week "éclaireur forêt" jungle course organized by the CEFE (green star with jaguar head) above the US PUC.

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Note the Badge bleu...and the thumbs
Some recent pics from 2 REP's official Instagram page:



Second Company (red DZ flashes) on a training jump
Taken from the official facebook page, 2 REP is trialling an advanced medic training dummy:


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Brigadier Dmytro Martyniuk of the 1er REC has died yesterday in the Percy military hospital of the wounds he sustained during an IED incident on 23 April in Mali. No more info on the nature of the incident at this point apart from the fact that a fuel bowser was hit by the IED. It has not been stated if Brigadier Dmytro Martyniuk was part of the crew of this vehicle. He was 29, single, and originated from Ukraine.


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Another Légionnaire has been WIA in the same attack and is still being treated.

Below, Camerone 2020 with the 1er REC in the field in Mali

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Repose en paix.


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Another 1er REC Légionnaire has been KIA in Mali

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On 4 May, Légionnaire de 1ère classe Kévin Clément, belonging to the 1er régiment étranger de cavalerie based in Carpiagne, has been KIA during an Op conducted by force Barkhane in the Liptako area of Mali.

In mid morning, his sous-groupement tactique désert, which was engaged in a sweep and clear operation located a group of enemies. A short range firefight erupted in which 2 enemies were put out of action.

During the exchange Légionnaire de 1ère classe Kévin Clément, a crew member aboard a VBL AFV was severely hit. Immediatly CASEVACED to Gao, he was pronounced DOW on his arrival.

Légionnaire de 1ère classe Kévin Clément was born in France in 1998 and was single, with no children. He belonged to the 1er escadron of the 1er REC

He had joined in September 2017 and had done his initial training in the 4°RE. He was trained as a dismounted cavalryman in a VBL "escouade" and was also an auxiliary medic.

Encore, repose en paix.
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Some recent pictures of 2°REI and 1er REC operating in the Gourma region of Mali. A number of contacts were recorded in those operations and an unreleased number of terrorists were neutralized.






A series of recent short interviews, in French and with French subtitles, of different Légionnaires originating from Brazil, Georgia, France and Nepal and belonging to the 13°DBLE giving insight into their reasons for joining and life in the Légion.

The best part is when they are asked "what is the first French word you learnt"; the answers are, according to the interviews :

Caporal-chef (the top enlisted, non NCO rank)
Fatigué (tired)
Balai and serpillère (broom and mop)
Bouffe (scran)


A 2018 video showing the Mountain Coy of 2°REP (2°Cie, "les rouges") doing the summer mountain qualification course, the brevet d'alpinisme militaire (BAM) in the Vergio chalet, which belongs to the 2°REP, and surrounding area.

The green trousers and bib used are regulation equipment for French mountain troops.

The French Army is rapidly fielding the "Missile Moyenne Portée" (Medium-Range Missile/MMP) to replace its remaining Milan, Eryx Javelin and HOT missiles.

This includes all the Foreign Legion's combat units. I understand the above is a picture of a Legionnaire from 1 REC training with the weapon.
Below is a picture from last year (which I may have posted already) of 2 REP familiarisation training with the new weapon (light blue DZ patch signifies "Compagnie d'Appui" (Support Coy):

2 REP and 2 REI were anmong the first four units to be issued it alongside the 1 RHP (Para Hussars Regt) and a French SF unit.

This man-portable missile system is a modern highly effective and versatile weapon:

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