How does the 2 REP (FFL) compare to the British Paras?

Thanks for that, but already covered above. Interesting to see a completely irrelevant picture in the linked article. 13 DBLE are not an airborne unit.

Although they used to have an intrinsic para-qualified platoon and a rotating attached company from 2 REP when they were based in Djibouti, as well as infantry, armoured and engineer sub-units. But they left Djibouti in 2011.

Now they are purely a large infantry regiment.
I've just found a video (with English subtitles) apparently posted on the Legion recruitment site on 05 April 2019 that officially summarises the current Legion recruitment and training and basic conditions.

Just a point to note that as I recall the added parachute pay in 2 REP increased the basic salary by about 30% and then a rotational company overseas tour (pretty much every year) topped up the salary substantially yet again. All with no deductions for food and lodging until after making it to "Sergent" or "Caporal-Chef".
The Legion needs more native French speakers enlisting (currently only about 11% of serving manpower) in order to help pass on the correct skills to non-French speakers before they become fluent and to help maintain techical skills at a junior level.

By 2025 it hopes to have 20%-25% native French speakers in its ranks, essentially because by then the "Scorpion" digitisation programme of the French Army should be fully in place and it needs a better competence in the French language than is shown by most foreigners.

Therefore it is actively recruiting around the French beaches in August, the main French holiday season:

However it appears that the Legion's reputation puts off most Frenchmen from joining and of those that do (according to the recruiting officer interviewed) many fail the selection and training.

In my day there were significantly more, both French speaking foreigners (mainly from the former French colonies) and Frenchmen (mainly former Regulars who were recycling themselves back into the military after disciplinary discharges and petty criminals who had been given the option of five years in the Legion - if they passed the selection - instead of getting locked up).

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I thought 'real' Frenchmen were barred from joining the Legion.And that those that did joined as 'French Canadians' or somesuch?
I thought 'real' Frenchmen were barred from joining the Legion.And that those that did joined as 'French Canadians' or somesuch?
But there have always been French in the Legion masquerading as foreigners. This was recognised, accepted and formalised a long time ago.
Recently it has become openly acknowledged practice that a certain number of Frenchmen need to be recruited.
They are still given a nominal foreign nationality upon enlistment.

Interesting figures from a recent post on the 2 REP official Facebook page.

Exit speed (from an A400M): 230 km/h (= 143 mph)
Landing speed (with the latest EPC static line parachute): 25km/h (= 15.5 mph or 23 fps)
Overall load carried (average): 50kg (= 110 lbs)

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A 20+ minute video on the recent yearly sniper challenge held at national level with teams from 13 regiments. This year's challenge was won by a team from 2 REP.

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