How does my partner learn to drive when in BFG

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Pull_up_a_sandbag, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. My wife has just been declined jobs vacencies for not having a driving license.
    How can we get her driving whilst out in Germany, do we need to do the german learning (CIVI) or is there an easier way?
  2. ask the RSM if you can let her drive around the parade square at weekends to get some practice in - then after a few weeks let her loose on the training area :wink:
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Why not stick her on one of those intensive courses in UK? Doing the lessons/test will cost more in Germany.
  4. she can get a german licence or book a test in UK for when youre back on leave, give her some lessons round camp to get her up to standard.
  5. Like everyone else with driving lessons, you could fly her back for a UK intensive course or go down the German route bearing in mind she will have to study for the exams which the germans have to sit.
  6. A friend of mine passed her test (UK test) in BFG using an Army driving instructor (not sure if he actually taught her to drive or not though). But that was years ago so no doubt it's all changed.
  7. Depends on location i think if they have the facilities (check with the local hive) but my missus did theory and driving while in JHQ within german driving instructors, if you pass you get an european driving license which you can then exchange for a UK one
  8. I think that most people go the intensive course in UK route.
    That has the advantage that if a driving ban is ever imposed, you get your UK licence straight back and can still drive outside of Germany. With a German licence the local authorities hang on to it for the duration of the ban.

  9. wrong...boing....

    as from Feb 2010 any driving ban in any EU country automatically bans you from driving in any other EU country.
  10. I've been out for years, but if your unit or one nearby has a QTO (Qualified Testing Officer) speak nicely to him and he can give her a UK test in Germany. Vehicle intensive regiments are more likely to have QTO's than Grunts. Alternatively teach her yoursef if you are good enough. This is also a very good way of preparing the ground for divorce.