How does EU expansion benefit us?

OK, I'm generally quite pro-EU, or pro-not-being-not-EU, but I'd always just assumed we could all get along fine, less trade barriers etc. THe french and their view on the EU is to get as much money from other countries for their farmers whilst protecting their markets.

But anyway, I digress. With expansion of the EU we've been, and we will encourage less economically developed countries compared to our own join. In the past we've paid for lots of nice roads in Spain because Franco didn't "do" infrastructure, and I'm sure there are lots of Portugese kiddies walking around with shoes because of us. In an alturistic way this is all very well and good (they also have the boxheads to thank).
Now when the EU expands even further everyone wants this development money; lots of Polish/Romanian kids running around without the latest Nike trainers and some roads that are substandard (they should try East Anglia, London, Wales... ok, the UK). Obviously this has caused issues with farming subsidies and our own rebate. Now, they get development money and access to our money. Do we benefit, or does it just give us that war fuzzy feeling inside (needed inside cos outside the house is cold because they get cheaper gas in Eastern Europe... and Western Europe...).

So, put simply, what does it do for us?

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The development of roads et al in poorer countries does actually benefit us. We trade quite a bit with these countries, having tried to travel by road across Romania I can tell you it is a slow and painful process. So much so that I had to give up and get the train. Motorways in these countries will mean that it does not take so long and is much safer for drivers of trucks.

On a whole the development of these countries is a good thing in the long term. Short term it does mean we give them a lot of money. Long term it improves their markets and GDP, more jobs for people means they pay more taxes to their governments who can then pay more to the EU. More jobs mean that people of these countries can afford to buy our products thus meaning more money coming in.

There is a link between poverty and war thus meaning that if our neighbours are prosperous our own borders and that of our european cousins are much safer.

I'm not a huge fan of the EU and some of its legislation and its beurocracy but it has helped to put a stop to war within Europe and overall improved the lives of people within it.

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