How does anyone plan in a global transparent world?

Permission to take a fag break.

Surely this current war(s) are the most transparent conflicts in our history. In terms of the speed of debate.

An analogy:

The business world is reeling with the advent of consumer involvement e.g. as a business reacts in seconds to the behaviour of its customers as its business model revolves around 'interaction'. Old linear businesses such as the bricks and mortar retailer only interact with their customer when they visit the end of the processes; in the store. Hence they're sweating to compete.

How much is the political process reeling from the type of analysis and instant debate on events, such as ARRSe. Mobile phone message arrives from the front line and is distributed worldwide in seconds. How can strategic change be managed (2-5-10 year time frames) when the immediate is taking 99% capacity of organisations' energy? Have we got paralysis by analysis?

We're along way from Suez.

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