How does a promotion board work?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. I have a rough idea...

    But can someone explain exactly how this process works?

    As far as i know, your name is put forward and a local rep. fights your case?

    Depending on jobs and your reviews you get put on the "results" list in a certain position... top ten for example get the promotion?

    So does where you finish mean anything?

    Cheers... :lol:
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    People are promoted to at least 1 level above thier competancy - and then left to flounder!
  3. For Ptes->Cpls its basically down to the Coy/Sqn comd to decide (for a slot thats available)

    for Sgt to WO1's they get recommended by the OC but chosen by the CO, at this level your possibly posted to other Coys but that doesn't happen until SSM/CQMS level.
    Also your confidential report will be taken into account (but this doesn't move with you between units)
  4. Its a bit like spin the bottle with money and promises of favours behind the garage winning over real talent
  5. Lets just hope I didn't graze my knees for nothing then !!!!!! :oops:
  6. It's a bit like a don't necessarily need to be good at your job to get promoted, but you do need to own a uniform........preferably a British Army one.

    The process begins with all the board members going on the lash the night before and deciding amongst themselves who they want to promote. It's a very informal ceremony.......lounge suits (Planters Order in the summer months). After breakfast, they get together and in between 'war stories' and 'belly laughs' about the previous nights antics, they read one or two ACRs and mutter something about the quality line and why it is irrelevant in todays modern Army. Being a mate is more desirable.

    At 1600 hrs they adjourn to the nearest pub in Brown St, get pished and go home, promising to keep in contact with each other and that they'll all definately meet up next year at the same place. Bit of a class reunion sort of thing.

    Pretty simple process.
  7. It's a bit more organised than some think. All members of the promotion board, be it Sqn or Regimental, get a copy of the CR and other relevant paperwork(course reports etc,). They then, without discussion, grade each candidate from 1 to 10 just going off the paperwork. Tally it up at the end and set a cut off score for promote / decline.
    Not a bad system at Sqn level as most people know each other but at Regimental level the board members tend to be Majors and above and can be a bit "detached" from the rest of the planet. Problem is that however good a year you might have had, if they were not in on that weekend that you delivered an act of divine intervention or similar, they won't know you from Adam.
  8. That's far too complicated for our lot.
  9. Cheers .... :wink:
  10. So for Cpls its good to be pals with senior Lts and above, at Sgt and above its advantageous to be doing things at regimental level (i.e. be picked to IC of Sqn teams or volunteer to work in RHQ etc).
  11. Surely that would be what a good snco would be doing anyway polar ?
  12. So I've seen... I have a problem with doing this.....

    I'm one of these people that love what they do... get frustrated when it's obvious that red tape is causing problems and I'm rubbish at brown nose stuff.

    I don't think there is any problem with being friendly with the management.... I know I see it work al the time, cr@p people doing well because the CO or RSM thinks they are a laugh or they make a nice mug of tea. I just can't do it that good....

    Got to go.... playing golf in an hour with the boss !!!! :wink:
  13. But what do you do when your officers don't have a clue as to whether your doing a good job or not (not understanding ur job)? In your trade its quite easy to measure ability (ie always have good comms etc) but in my old trade it wasn't - doesn't help being in a unit with a large amount of back stabbing from switch bitches.