How do you want to die?

How do you want to die?

With global scale 'natural' disasters on the rise...tsunami...earthquakes...hurricanes...pandemic virus...wars and rumors of wars.

Can another ARRStroid impact be far ahead? Old Mother Earth seems aimed at another mass extinction...

While I expect the second comming anyday...I'm aware that today, 'I could drown in a teaspoon of water!'

How would you face your own mortality given the chance for other words 'How do you want to die?'

Myself...I would perfer to die... Instantly?


I'd like to die peacefully, asleep.

Just like my father did, but sadly the same cannot be said for his screaming passengers.


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In the saddle, with a beer in one hand - 2 tarts looking after most of my needs and a defibrulator close by, just to keep me going to the tickly bit.
All arranged.. told the wife I want to die at 98 in bed with twin 19 year old Playboy Playmates in full hump mode.. She said, no problem, she'd make sure I didn't survive the experience...
I've given serious thought to this answer, by that i dont mean i am contemplating ending my existance.

However if i had a choice about my departure it would not be the predictable threesome with two handsome chaps, one stabbing away at my barking spider whilst the other pebble dashes my tonsils....

I would have to go out like the legendary Rod Hull, he spent 30 years with his hand up a birds gritter.. then fell off his roof whilst sorting his ariel out.

I too have spent serveral years fingering my other halfs botty whislt standing with a tin foil helmet on so he can pick up sky footie, buckshee.... :D
I'd have to be serious and have to say I'd like to die saving someone else.Dieing in your sleep is abit of a pansies way out aslong as people I know can remember I died being a brave sod that's me happy
Well, everyone says they would like to die quietly, but I've seen some relatives die that way and it was not pleasant, it was a terribly long march of suffering and thirst and incompetent doctors. If you die quietly, unless you are very lucky, you flicker in and out for weeks knowing very well what is coming, suffering from general poor care and complications - think crotchrot in your neck. And the slow end is horrible for other reasons - you lose your independence, your pride and self respect.

As long as it's quick, for feck's sake.
If I knew I was going, I'd get all those cnuts such as the local Chavs, 90% of the current government, murderers, rapists and kiddie fidlers to come to a sports arena on the pretence that they won £156 Million on the Euro Lottery. I'd then make an nice speech telling them that they're all locked in and the whole place is wired with C4. The ignition would be me dropping my pants and inviting them all to kiss my arrse goodbye.

Although the thoughts of being sh@gged to death by the Olsen twins seems a close second.

Escape-from-PPRuNe said:
I've seen some relatives die that way and it was not pleasant, it was a terribly long march of suffering and thirst
Eh? You watched and didnt even offer the poor cnuts a drink? A can of fizzy pop could have squared them away, all though if they were minted i would have sat on my hands too. :D


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Instantly in my sleep after a good night out. Then be cremated have my ashes kepy in an envelope in the top drawer, and on the anniversary of my death put into a tea strainer and have beer poured into it.
@Cait: I spent too much time trying to coax fluids and specifically "strawberry" flavoured fortified gunk down her throat to read that...I think I've forgotten what you said already.

More generally, the "respite care" nurses who let her get that way practiced nothing short of torture, and I hope they go out like that in their turn,

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