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How do you up your fitness quickly?

Hello all,

Just wondering, how can I increase my fitness levels?

After having my knee knackered (its now perfectly fine) I didn't do much cardio. Now that I am ok, I need to fix up and look sharp.

Any ideas? I am not talking so much about being able to run marathons, but more of a recuperation from from a sore knee to building general cardio fitness.

Any help is appreciated!
gobbyidiot said:
Take advice about the knee - footballers knacker their knees all the time and seem to begin with exercise bike.
Biking is great because it gets movement back into your knees and not the force and weight you would get in running. Just start with basic movements and then start applying stress, rest alot too.
Good for arms & shoulders, won't put stress on dodgy knees.
Enjoy yourself whilst getting fit. Especially now the weather's good.
More fun than swimming or an exercise bike.
Because of the knee I would say build up your aerobic capacity and workload via the bike, eliptical and rower if you have access to them.

Start off slow, like 60-90 minutes and build up the speed. If you can measure HR keep it around 120-150 because that is where peak heart rate flow is at.

With a good base line and recovery capacity and as long as the knee is holding up, start the runs and if you need to be fit for something within 5-6 weeks, interval work up a hill running will get you sorted.

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