How Do You Think Your...................

parents feel about you going in the army whether you are there are you are thinking about it ???

i would like to know how you feel about it ??

am not here to judge you
not sure exactly what the question was, as it did not makes sense.

if you are asking what my parents thought, it did not really matter to be honest. everyone has to do something with their life and it is better to do something honourable than fiddle and waste away.

you have to let go, you have had the opportunity to live your life, if you have a son let him live his. of course you will worry, but would you worry less if he was wandering the streets at night?

i love my parents and never wanted them to worry, and i hope that everything i achieved would make them proud, and i will tell you straight your son will see, do and achieve more in the army than he will in pretty much any other profession.
well what i really mean is you should respect your parents if they are wothy and tell them how you really feel when you go in instead of hiding behind a mask

i have let go but it is hard at the end of the day i want the best for my son
god this is the best thing for him but they need to speak to there parents and reassure them
It's 0413hrs, try giving them a chance to reply to you. You have started another thread asking if there is support for 'new army parents' loosely translating to 'is there support for the parents of people who have recently joined the forces'. Rear Party is your best bet to find out the network of support.

Oh and as for 'not here to judge' you bloody bet you're not! I suggest you rectify that line before those of a less polite and forgiving nature than I get to see it.

edited to add: you're a lying git you have been replied to on Rear Party

What's up? Not enough sympathy coming your way?
yes you are right

but whre is hte support for parents i dont wanna denie my son this chance in life but i would appreciate a bit of help coming to terms with it
Just to re-iterate what Halomonkey said, you would get more support on Rear Party, as they are more used to familial side of things and being left for months as their husbands/sons/wives etc go on tour. It also depends on which Corps/Regt he's going into as well.
Why should parents hate the fact that their son/daughter has chosen a life in the armed forces? I know for a fact that if my daughter decided to join any of the armed forces she'd have my backing 100%.
With the state of the youth culture in this country at the moment, every self respecting parent should be nudging their kids in the direction of the careers office instead of watching them stand on street corners smoking, drinking, taking drugs, mugging people at knifepoint.
If more parents did that, the streets would be a wee bit safer.
Re-read it and now I see 8O

Love, your boy is doing the best thing. He wouldnt have joined if he didnt want to. we dont shanghai people into the forces anymore. Maybe with you acting like this now you can maybe see why he kept it quiet. Would you rather he was a dole dosser on a street corner?

Let the lad grow up. To quote a cliche....the army really did make a man of me, and it was the best move i made in my life.

Good luck to him.
They couldn't have given a flying fcuk, seeing as they sent me to foster parents!
Let him go. If he wishes to do it then why stop him? When he reaches 18 he can go without you're consent. You could stop him from going but when he hit's 18 the real world is going to hit him in the face. Are you going to be there to hold his arm? I'm not sure how my parents feel with me joining. Though I'm sure they questioned like you're self. In the end they can probrly see that i want to so much that they let me. Though when he hits the big 18 he can say F**k off and there is nothing on this earth to stop him.

Also what is he doing in college if you don't mind me asking.