How do you stop a PTI/ERI starring at themselves?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kim_74, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. I have been unfortunate enough to have had knee and shoulder surgery in the last 4 mths. As a result I have spent some time at the RRU and PCRF. Whilst very useful there is but one thing that disturbs me. PTIs/ERIs constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. You can be chatting away about your injury and look up to see them posing in the mirror. Is there anything I can do to stop them doing this? I feel as if sometimes I just get in their way..............
  2. Ask them where they get their hair done. They love that.
  3. Stick 2 redhot pokers in your fucking eyes, that'll stop you seeing them.
  4. Kim, you me your tits you boring cunt
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  5. Cheers, will try that. Then claim under AFCS......nob.
  6. Fuck me, don't you ever work?
  7. Zen


    Whip your tits out? Sit on their knee ( with tits out ) while explaining about your knee?
    It might not help with your knee problem, but it will help you to forget about it for a few mins.
  8. Yup. I'm at work right now. But when you're the boss.............
  9. Ha Ha love it. Someone posts a bone question in the NAAFI bar then gets shitty with the replies they get.
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  10. Show them your minge, then they will stop looking in the mirror and look at you in horror.
  11. And you don't look in the mirror at every possible opportunity..........

    Or are you just offended that they find preening themselves in front of the mirror considerably more interesting than listening to your 'chatting'?
  12. Not to be pedantic or anything about spelling, but surely the title should read "... staring" and not "starring"?
    Also, "nob" is spelt with a 'K' at the beginning i.e. knob.

    I'm hazarding a guess here that these self-admiring PTIs are better at spelling than you.
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  13. Zen


    True, being as they're PTI's
  14. Would never get shitty with people on here, fed you a thread to see how many of the usual suspects come up with the same shit they do with everyone. So who of you experts determins what is a bone question then - having seen the bulk of the crap some of you come out with I feel vindicated in writing whatever the hell I want.

    Now jog on.
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  15. Hold on Kim - the man asked you to show us your tits.

    Get on with it, you dull twunt.