How do you solve a problem like Maria

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Am half watching Maria with the kids, I would love to have a bath with Siobhan failing that Aiofe for quiet night in with wine avec DVD then a jolly good tupping. Which Maria does it for you ?
  2. I'd gladly hoof both Aiofe or Siobhan's back doors in.
  3. Utter bolleaux.

    There can only be one Maria; Graham Norton

    Why is this shite on the BBC? It's an serial advert for Lloyd Webber's next tawdry musical offering Why is my licence fee being spent on producing advertising for Lloyd Webber? Can't he afford proper adverts on ITV? Is he down to his last billion? Have palms been greased? What's going on?

    Besides that, it's shite, it would sink like a stone without the national TV coverage that we've paid for.
  4. I still say set them up for a crime they didn't commit.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Big t*ts, big hair and a big arrse.

    Maria Whittaker, you would get a game.

    BTW WTF is the reat of thread about?
  7. That show is utter drival, that gay twart makes it even worse BBC tv is crap nowadays.
  8. How do you solve a problem like Maria??

    With a Frygging Chain Gun Hopefully!
  9. You VX the whole fcuking nest, it's been on forever and it's ghastly.

    Spoke to the former future Mrs. PTP this evening to ask her if she was watching, as she's a serious singer type person.

    I never knew she knew so many, and so creative swearwords, I was left with the impression she doesn't care overly much for Lloyd-Webber or the "Anorexic talentless plastic chav b*tches" that are seeking to tread the boards.

    I guess she's a tad unimpressed :D
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well,they have to spend OUR licence fee on something......Just not on the good stuff like The Royal Tournament....Trooping the colour...Redcap......
  11. None of them are a patch on the original, Julie Andrews, MILF extraordinaire! :D
  12. Why bother with a chain gun? Just use the barrel - much more fun beating them to death rather than shooting the buggaz!

  13. Problem is, they'll promptly escape from a high security stockade to the Los Angeles underground where they will survive as soldiers of fortune.

    If you have a problem.

    If no-one else can help, and if you can find them - maybe you can hire

    The Gay Team.
  14. the only way to solve this problem i see is to in a couple mlarrs in to the audience and at the start and end when all the audience start clapping this will send them in to a frenzy of clapping and shouting and drooling.

    when they see webber they will think he is a doll off team america all they will want to do is rip his arms and legs off and this will get them in to a bigger frenzy and they will turn on all the marias and the ratings will sore and the tv world will be a better place.

    they may even give the mlarrs a prime time spot on a saturday night where they send them into all the musicals to do what they do best in fact i see the prospects now i'll call my agent to reserve the right's what a money spinner.

    please i need your help for names for my new show

  15. I'm Leaning more towards a cheese grater, Hard work sure, but think of the satisfaction when the jobs done.

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