How do you [servicemen & women] do it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheKing, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm posting this here under the 'analysis' part of the index.

    I really want to join the Army as an officer and cannot wait to do so, providing they have me. I think it is one of the best jobs going, the adventure, the travel, experiences, security, lack of comfort-zone, humour, etc.

    I know we all join because it's what we wanted to do, it was our personal decision, but something gets to me, I can't quite put my finger on it and I don't think I have quite "got it".

    It's society. Although most non-student, hippy sandalistas out there regard the Forces 'reasonably' well, i.e. when you say I'm in the RAF/ARMY/RM etc, it generally invokes respect and you have a kind of 'tag', a good tag in my view, of being someone who is stoic, strong in the face of adversity, stiff upper lip, etc, you know, militarised. You all know what your civvy associates think of you.

    But is it enough? Most people in civvy street and greedy, selfish, interested in money above all else and they adorn themselves in luxuries, comforts, and other materialistic lifestyle habbits that ensure they preserve their own personal happiness. Their loyalties to our country, history, institutions is skin deep and they would sacrifice nothing for it (unlike you).

    I read in the Mail the other day, and in the View column it was talking about unscrupulous officers, and said "military officers, largely forgotten today in the non-military world..." and that also makes me said. The diminishing prestige of service.

    How do you do it? How do you execute your duty the way you do, knowing a lot of people back home, young, old, men, women, rich, poor, wouldn't buy a big issue off a starving begger in the street if it cost them a £1.

    I hope I have made myself reasonably clear..
  2. Stand by....
  3. For the adventure...For the travel...For the mates...etc... :roll:
  4. All this and pay too?
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    If that is your interpretation, are you going to give us details of your bowel functions in the "Regular" forum?
  6. ;
    Firstly, stop reading the bloody Daily Mail - the fanzine for all facist middle English - look down your nose - we do nothing wrong- do gooders who are actually doggers.

    Ahem, now thats off my chest...

    Sometimes, whilst in uniform, I get my hand shaken in the street by a random passer by, other times, when not in uniform and someone asks me what I do, they respond with 'Oh'.

    Squaddies do it for a number of reasons, it could be because they've nothing else or they love it or they're not sure why, but they're content with where they're at. Whatever reason a squaddie is a squaddie, it doesn't matter what Joe Public thinks of him, because he's got his muckers and he's got a camarederie that could never be understood by outsiders, or by those doing an 'analysis'
  7. Yes I get that, that's why I said we all join for our own personal circumstances, decisions, etc - I didn't think, "I'm joining to protect the City fatcats and all the nasty people as well as the goodies"
  8. People do it for all sorts of different reasons and there are a few threads on here that cover it (do a search or some smart ARRSEr might provide a link for you).

    I know a bloke who joined up as a summer job so that he had some cash in his pocket prior to Uni. He's still serving and a WO2 now.
  9. You haven't got it so don't join the Army.

    Try becoming a PCSO, that'll be right up your street.
  10. Is he an AT? Get his 5 year bonus next year does he? :twisted:
  11. Yes

    No, year after that. :roll:

  12. ;
    Too be honest, I'm not jealous mate, you lot do a great job

    You can keep the lonely walk to that dodgy looking mould at the side of the dusty road
  13. Dashing_Chap?...............

    ANd i'll take my £0.20, than you.

  14. I do it for the thursday night of being blown out by a fat waf and going into town and getting wankered :D
  15. Try
    Duty, Loyalty, Discipline, giving not taking and no Thank You for doing what Your Country Orders and Your Sovereign Demands.
    Most of us got used to it and still believe in these unfashionable ideals.