How do you satisfy

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by sexy_gal, May 12, 2005.

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  1. yourself when your soldier partner is away?
  2. Other soldiers?
  3. I drink more beer (in celebration of her absence) and masturbate.

    OOOOps edited....just read the soldier partner bit and see it is not aimed at me, but I do masturbate and drink beer.
  4. no
  5. thats just nasty isn't it?
  6. I suggest masturbation in the bath.

    use something electrical to get you off. ie a toaster or a bar fire.

    Failing that take a big box of pills and starting at the soles of your feet peel yourself slowly with a potato peeler
  7. Nope, I do it gently.
  8. Then you're not even trying.
  9. Well you could post a really suggestive question such as, oh let me think, er, em oh I know! 'How do you satisfy yourself when your soldier partner is away?' on a bulletin board full of soldiers, ex-soldiers, there families and loved ones and see what reaction you get from this group who have to have total trust in their spouses/partners for long periods of time in extremely unpleasant circumstances in which belief in the other persons monogyny is paramount to the survival of their relationship and leave them wondering 'Is this what my other half is doing while I’m on exercise or deployed?'

    Beebs :?
  10. wicked! :wink:

    Snow White did that, made a miniature of difference to her dwarves,,,,,,,,......... 8)
  11. Well said beebs But surely Monogyny is a type of wood is it not?
  12. Must be a wind up.

    Go away so-called Sexy Gal. We are concentrating on the ARRSE wedding.

    As MDN said, run yourself a bath, shave your legs, make yourself pretty, then blow dry your hair in the bath - taking great care to drop the hairdryer when you are done. You don't want to look ugly for the ambulanceman do you?
  13. That's what I meant, I get my wood out and satisfy it. Nastily!
  14. Only after long periods of separation, then it certainly is Dear Man, it certainly is!

    Beebs :wink:
  15. With a big pink bunny with ears that hit all the right spots