How do you run?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FacePlanted, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. I know this sounds stupid but ive been told i dont run properly, i did my first 1 1/2 today and hit 12 mins as ive never run i think thats not bad.
    any tips on running style and breathing?
    thank you
  2. if you start a chant in ur head that will help.

    like this; "left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot,left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot,left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot,left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot,left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot,left foot, right foot, left foot,right foot,"
  3. Not bad at all if you have never run before.

    if it is comfy, keep doing what you are doing.
  4. With exception of pace I had always assumed, perhaps wrongly, that the basic mechanics of running (for the average non-Olympic punter) was fairly instinctive.

    I mean 'tick-tocking' across a parade square is one thing.... but surely there is no running equivalent?

    So presume it is a matter of breathing.... May need 'fine tuning' a bit - initial time certainly isn't disastrous.
  5. listen to some dance music on your MP3 player, can help as you get used to running, also keep going out everyday, not necceary to do the mile & half but for a 3-5 mile jog
  6. if you start getting a stitch, exhail on the opposite foot to the side u have a the stich
  7. Watch what your arms do. Watch someone else running to see what I mean. don't waste energy and remember to breath.

    As for how do I run? er, I get someone else to do it these days.
  8. I read this in one of the army training things, it doesn't really make any sense to me. I don't breath in and out as often as my legs move, I breathe much slower and deeper. I found this didn't really help lol.
  9. FP, don't over complicate this, it's very similar to walking, but a bit faster.
  10. I breathe in through my nose and out of my mouth.
  11. yeah ever4 6 or 8 steps breath out
  12. Dunno if my advice is any good or not, but when I was younger, I could just run, never thought about it, just did it, but did not enjoy it. As I got older decided to work on running more and now get out for about 4 hrs a week on average. The best bit of advice I can give is get onto some hills, push yourself on the up side and don't run any faster down hill than you can run uphill. THe fitter you get, the less you worry about breathing and more what your legs are feeling like and you will get days that you can run like a gazelle and others that you resemble Homer Simpson.

    Just do what feels right, but dont stop.
  13. breathing....

    how do you go if you have manged to get your nose broke (more that once) and can no longer breath that well through your nose for all the bones wedged up your nostrils!
  14. How do I run?

    Well...these days it's more of a...waddle.

    But once upon a time; I bought good quality running shoes, allowed a long warm up and always tried to run on grass over uneven ground. I also allowed myself rest days between runs and used to do lots of stretching.
  15. i broke my nose in a motorbike racing accident when i was younger and when i run i breath in through my nose and out my mouth and i do find bcoz my nose is slightly bent that i carnt inhale as much as i shud. i think this is partly down to why i get outa breath around the 1 mile mark. and dont know any other breathin paterns i know breathin in thru mouth and out is not good....