How do you respond to a Salute?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Baz44, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Whilst walking with a fellow officer the other day we happened upon a young soldier who threw up on of his finest. I saluted and responded with a Salute and a polite Thankyou. My clleague was quick to point out that he was saluting my commission not I as a person - eh lol I know that einstein, but then entailed a discussoin about how one should respond. he felt a Good Morning/ Afternoon as appropriate where I felt a polite response and thankyou was in order for his efforts.

    How do you respond and is there an Official etiquette does anyone know?

    May be an obvious question but having recently crossed the fence still getting aquired to the salutes let alone the rest of all that goes with my new found occupation

  2. As an ex soldier...

    Salauting the commission rather than the officer is a given, politeness is always a bonus!! :)
  3. "Morning / Good Afternoon, thanks"

    Seems to cover all aspects.
  4. How would your mate have felt if the young soldier hadn't saluted him at all? That's how a young soldier feels when he gets a perfunctory response.

    Return his/her salute and thank him/her very much (do not, of course, use the longest way up).
  5. Manners cost nothing. Your toms won't think any less of you if you thank them when they salute you, quite the opposite in fact.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    He (or she for that matter) is indeed saluting the commission, however manners maketh the man, and therefore a Thank you shows that you have actually noticed the soldier's efforts.

    A Good Morning/Afternoon does not go amiss either especially if accompanied by the soldier's name.

    On a side point the one thing that always annoyed me was lazy officers' salutes.
    Now I know that everyone cultivates their own particular wave, and I am not suggesting that a rigid Up-2-3 Down-2-3 is called for; but a loose paw flapping in the air is just an insult as a return salute.

    Does anyone else feel the same, or am I just being fussy?
  7. Agreed Gremlin

    There are lots of good reasons to to return a salute and a reasonable salute with a friendly greeting. These include good manners and mutual respect.

    Anyway, if the salute is for the Queen's Commission, then surely, you are returning the salute on behalf of the Queen. Therefore make sure that you are also demonstrating respect for Her with a reasonably smart salute.
  8. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My toms always appreciated some manners. They also appreciated my best efforts at a smart salute as it showed I was making the same effort as them.
  9. Being polite regardless of the rank saluting you costs nothing and will get you more respect, whereas you mate will be regarded as a snob/knob, and will have the Toms queuing up to make him cups of tea with an extra 'ingredient'.
  10. I have worked a bit with a young 2LT who i have alot of time for. I must admit I find the "Thankyou Corporal Bad_Crow" with salute is much better than the

    "Morning Men" you get off the CO when it is evidently night and you are on your own!
  11. In the RAMC we salute generally once in the morning (mainly because we'd be responding to them all day otherwise).

    I typically salute** back and say "Thank you. Good morning / afternoon / evening <Rank><Surname*>".

    * Surname optional if I don't know it.
    ** No salute if I'm not in head gear!
  12. Would that be your fat, stumpy, nicotine stained, sovereign ring clad digits, you pointless waste of (acres of) skin?

  13. First part of this statement is correct and good manners however; the bracketed portion I feel is not on! Unless you are in confined spaces or you have a broken arm, which you may well end up with if you’re Regimental Corporal Major catches you.
    The tapping of your peak with swagger stick or crop is also not on unless you are a very senior Gentleman farmer type or are in mufti.
  14. RTFQ


    For some reason, this has always been a bug bear of mine. I entirely take on board the comments about politeness, but it galls me when an officer thanks the soldier saluting him.

    I believe it is a gesture that goes beyond the personal, and that fact is muddied by the use of the term 'compliment.' I feel that the gesture has moved beyond a simple greeting to a gentleman that perhaps it once was. It is absolutely a loyal compliment offered to the Queen via a recognition of the authority held by the officer - not the character of the man himself - and one that is returned on behalf of the Queen by the officer. It is secondly a mark of mutual respect that is almost unknown outside the military, an effort made by both parties to recognise the other as an equal - in vocation if not in rank. Saying thank you diminishes it to a trite personal greeting.

    I feel that once the salute has taken place, the personal nature of the encounter can be recognised with a greeting, personal if possible. No salute should ever be returned silently and it takes no time at all to say hello, make a crap rupert joke about the weather or ask about their wives/kids/footy team.

    It's not snobbery, believe me, I remember when I returned the first salute from my very first RSM, he had an MM and a few 7.62mm holes in him from Longdon and there was no way, as an 18 year old 2Lt, I was going to say thank you - he was saluting something much bigger than me.
  15. I agree, "Good morning XXXX" is much better than "Thank You".