How do you recruit ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Right, its 18:32 and I should be at home - but I'm working - so here we go polar69 "thinking outside the box-a-thon"

    I come from a small signals unit in E Yorks, from time to time we go out in the community and try to recruit but as we are not as glam as the paras marines or dental technicians brigade we often come away with few recruits. Most of our recruits come in off the street and sadly a lot of them leave soon after. So what are we doing wrong ?

    We don't sell it, we look at our kit and see out of date eqt, vor rovers and gats with wobbly magazines.
    If I was a recruit looking to join the signals I'd expect to see radios, masts and hopefully guns and uniform

    So my idea is this, dress it up, sell it, bloody pantomime horse it I don't care !

    Don't just have a radio det with a map board and some bored bloke, have a radio det cammed up with gay curtains of cam net, a little radop sitting there speaking ( and on assumption listening to ) unintelligable code

    Don't just have bored looking soldiers, who are only there for a days pay, wandering around the stands bored. Dress them up too - chest rigs webbing rifles lsw's with cws on whatever !! The public expect to see kit, get it out , jiff some poor sod to walk around in full ipe and hand out leaflets instead of plonking them on a table and expecting jo public to approach you, approach him for goodness sake.

    Kids love rifles, get some out on the front and let the kids play ( can you still get dp rifles ? ) If the kids are there then the parents will be or the elder brother or sisters ( mmmmmm )

    I'm not saying make your recruit stand a living museum but for goodness sake breath life into it

    Get the blokes in webbing etc to wear some of the bigger manpack radios ( shoot me I forget what they are called )

    Stick some masts up !! Stick a TA flag on one and a Signals one on the other !!!

    .......On another note .......

    Bring a mate to the TA night, free pint and pie and chips for nowt ......

    Rabbit mode off
  2. My Bold.
    If you get any good leads just get in touch with the RSM yourself - get an idea, get a plan, get costs times dates and he'll make it happen - or so I was told.
  3. Would I be right in thinking the Army has got a new marketing firm? Those new infantry adverts combine all the positive aspects of Army life that will appeal to a new recruit. Theres no blanket for the engine, theres no dodgy rope bridge. What there is, is real Soldiers jumping out of planes and walking through night clubs living the dream. How about identifying what is best about the job and what will appeal to new recruits? I.e Beer, boozing and birds!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    It's all here in the wiki page

    Your contributions gratefully received.