How do you prepare for the Oath

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I have my oath on Tuesday, and have been given no information other than the time and to dress smartly (I'm going to wear a suit of course). Is there nothing I need to learn before hand?

regards in advance :shaking:
Not turning up pissed, shaving, wearing smart clothes and learning to read may be helpful
A good few large drinks beforehand is sensible to celebrate the end of being a civvy. 7 or 8 pints, or double nips should suffice.

If the person administering your oath gets lippy, say "I am ready to serve my Queen and Country, and defend them from Johnny Foreigner and his evil ways. I won't end up as a Passed Over Major like you."
That will show them that you mean business, and you will not get messed around by the REMFS during Basic.
Practice a steely stare. Oh, and take a towel.
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