How do you make a hooky call?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by CptDanjou, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Is it possible to make a call from a UK land line but lead the recipient to believe you are calling from another country , ie a foreign number comes up on the recipients phone display ?
  2. 1.Cheating on the wife?

    2. telling work your on holiday so you dont have to do a call out?
  3. Mate trying to shake off an unwanted skutter.
  4. Why would you want to?

    Unless you want to ring up the lady that ran over your cat!
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  5. So cheating on the wife then,and got tired of your little bit on the side!
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  6. What like make a call with a US number showing and tell her the CIA are monitoring her driving ?
  7. If all else fails!
  8. could always say his other girlfriend found out about her.....or just the truth.. that seems to work on most unless she is a real fruit loop
  9. You know women who are not fruitloops?
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  10. Tell her your gay and no longer interested!
  11. I could see that going horribly wrong.

  12. Theres always one nutter in a couple and the first time i know it wasnt me....dont want to take a chance on a second time... so i can clearly say ..i havent been a fruit loop.( so far)

  13. My theory on divorcee`s is first time you were unlucky , second time you need to question yourself , third time it definitely you who`s crackers, anyway I`m not playing away , I just want a bloody phone service as per my thread.
  14. did it once im not taking a second chance...nope no way....cant he just say feck off dont contact me again, or jusy ignor her blokes are really good at that...
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