How do you keep yourself motivated?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by David2008, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Apart from the usual 'look at your goal' what do you do to keep yourself motivated through the sh1t times?
  2. Peter Andre; full volume.
  3. Damn why didnt i think of that :lol:
  4. whoaaaaaaaa mysterious girll, i wanna get close to youuu!
    I compare myself to the guys that left school and now work on a checkout, and i realise i could be doing a lot worse.
    Then I chat to my little bro, and by the end I realise how much he looks to me for guidance, and I decide that he doesn't need a role-model that does badly or quits in everything they do.

    Why, what do you lack motivation in?
  5. I'm no where near the stage your at , thought you may appreciate my thoughts.
    When i'm out running , nearly at doubling over point - i just think , i will be pushed harder than this in training. However in your shoes and mine when i get there - like you've already said "goal at the end of the tunnel".
    The fact of having a career , a focus in life. The prospect of being one of those in the Pass out parade at the end of it all would keep me motivated...

    Syn :)
  6. Self-Discipline.

    Lampard, shouldn't you be at an ATR?
  7. ahh beat me to it ... mix up on dates?
  8. Aww, i'm remembered =P
    Yes, i should, i'm still going. No mix up on dates though.

    edit: Looked at my sig, i don't go until later tonight.
  9. What motivates me is that eventually one day I'll die and there will be nothing else. Everything I've ever done will be pointless and any children, grandchilren etc. will repeat the same cycle until eventually the human race wont exist anymore and possibly after that nothing will exist at all.

    Is that what you were looking for?
  10. I try to look upon life as a CD, as you progress through life, you burn tracks to it, when it's almost full, you look back and decide that you did not like a particular track. Howevr unlike burning a new CD, what's done in life is done.
  11. Nicely said ill remember that one

    Edit: just to clarify im not having motivational problems or anything, just started the thread to see how people keep themselves going.
  12. going to the ATM on payday usually does the trick
  13. motivation

    pay, accommodation and the fact that you can get commissioned, or serve till 55.

    If going to Germany a tax free car, tax free living.

    All the courses you could ever want both mil and civvy

    Free dentist and health care

    A payable pension at 55 years

    bonus' retention bonus' etc

    army sports lottery (I have won twice)

    Travel, adventure training, paid leave

    but it you cant find that to motivate you then nothing will - BTW what corps are you going to?
  14. I just think of the phrase:

    "Every man has to die, but few rarely live."
  15. what a lovely sentiment to motivate yourself. :p