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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. I get promoted by working hard and getting A/Y CRs.

  2. I get promoted/posting of choice because my best mate works at MCM Div.

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  3. I get promoted as I work in HUMINT and am the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. I dont get promoted as I did the IA course.

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  5. I dont get promoted as I was apparently disloyal to the Corps.

  6. I get promoted/posting of choice as I signed off/on/off/on ad infinitum.

  7. I get promoted/posting of choice as my best mate is current CRSM.

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  8. I am trying to work out who the next CRSM will be so that I can weedle up to him...and get promoted/

  9. I am too busy on overstretch and saving my marriage/relationship to worry about a promotion.

  1. Just a quick survey to validate a theory and probably give some guidance to the 'future' of the Corps
  2. Well, that looks...crap.
  3. Ahh..fixed it.
  4. Recently been promoted even though I didnt actually want to be... now I have to move again - ah well.

    Think I'll just sign off/on next time I want a move :roll:
  5. You forgot 'By being so scared to leave and take my chances in the real world that I'm the only one left'
  6. My My how times have changed??

    stunned amazement that "5h@gged the boss" does not feature at all.

    Have all the m@s0ns really left the Corps??
    < or is it just the few decent ones left in ?>.
  7. netley...the loony bin??
  8. ..more of a rest and recuperation centre for some of the "hairies" from the manor and other grey men...
  9. i thought that was called "Chicksands" :)
  10. PTS or LMF??? funny how the world changes :)