How do you get tax free products in Beglium and Holland?

Hi All,

Could anybody enlighten me as to how the system works in Holland and Belguim with regards to obtaining VAT free goods.

I know how the VAT system works in BFG as that is part of the companies undertakings but I am doing research into other countries.

Any help that anybody could provide would be much appreciated as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs aren't the most helpful of chappies.
When I was in SHAPE from 97 - 2000, we had to go to the UK NMRs office and complete a form to claim back duty on goods purchased in country. Don't know if this is of any help to you?
Can't remember which form (84?), fill it in and get it stamped BEFORE obtaining said items.

This exclues you from paying of tax in said country, ie Belgium/Holland, as they are not the same before inporting to BFG.

Oh, and remember to keep all the paperwork for 5 years.

Hope this helps FF.
I used to work in the MWST office in JHQ. You need to go into your MWST office with an invoice of the goods with the VAT taken off. You then need to ask for a form 1510. You leave the invoice and have the form 1510 signed by your OC and leave that and the MWST clerk will issue a cheque for you to go and pay for the goods.

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