How do you fold flat bed sheets in the military?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by W0lf1991, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Before anyone answers I would really appreciate if people for once answered my question properly. Time and time again I get responses of focus on more pressing things like fitness which I am doing anyway but all I would like answered is one simple question, just intrigued that's all but other members of this site and other sites just don't seem to answer my question in a step by step easy to understand manner or make fun of my questions. I don't see why, doesn't make you big or clever I just don't understand why I can't get a straight answer. Please no agro, would really appreciate sensible replies. I have high respect for the military and unfortunately I can't join as I have Asperger syndrome but have always wanted to and just wanted to know how flat bed sheets/ bed covers were folded. I am very particular and I have to roll my socks into smiley faces and have T shirts folded A4 size but I've never understood bed sheets. Again, if you are going to reply please don't do it as a way of criticising my question, do it please to help me and stop me wondering. Thank you :)
  2. Now, you are being intensely irritating. Hopefully a MOD will be along to bin this.
  3. Reported - ignore.
  4. Watch and fucking learn...for fuck sake.
  5. It;s easy, just google it
  6. I went on another thread from the NAAFI bar to try and avoid you, have you got nothing better to do than belittle questions that you don't see a point in? Well you know what, that's your opinion doesn't mean to say you are right to be negative about it, forget it I was mistaken to think this was a sensible friendly forum.
  7. Take one end of the sheet by it's corners, (in a military manner) bring these to the other end of the sheet (in a military manner). The sheet is now folded.
  8. No need to swear and before you get aggressive, I don't want to learn how to make beds! Read the question carefully, its folding bed sheets not fitting bed sheets onto a mattress.

    Mod Edit - stop being such a gobby wanker
  9. Could be.
  10. If you want a 'sensible and friendly forum' where you can chat about folding your socks so they present 'smiley faces' I suggest mumsnet. They'll love you.
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  11. Sadly, special needs and Arrse don't really mix well. Bit of a cringeworthy result usually.

    It's domestic but should suffice for everyday folk and its got a delightfully porky Asian lady in it to show you the ropes.

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  12. Thank you!!! Finally someone who has actually contributed to my question properly! Sorry could you elaborate? Maybe step by step? Again Really appreciate this.
  13. Serious head on - if you do indeed have Aspergers, then a trawl of t'interweb will show you and satisfy your curiosity.
    This was posted at 16:40. At 15:31 on an earlier thread you asked the same question and intimated throughout that you were training up to join, here you state you can't due to a medical condition.
    Unless you got told in the intervening hour and nine minutes that your application failed, then perhaps you can understand why you are met with some people "criticising your question"
  14. Why cringeworthy? Is Asperger syndrome a bad thing, to me it carries a lot of positives in my opinion given the fact my degree dissertation is on it anyway, thank you for searching for me but is your link the military way of folding?
  15. That is all very well, but she is doing it in a slack and idle civilian manner...