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How do you fair on the pull-o-meter?

57! Did you leave the hotel!? Your're probably only single cos most of the civvy's you meet are scared of warry chicks :-*


Verdi - you do sound like a babe magnet with that greying bonce of yours - care to post a piccie of yourself?
Or you can send it to me privately, then I can either confirm or deny my suspicions. ;)
If I can work one out I want one in return! As long as you aren't REALLT disappointed with mine and laugh at me. I mean I am 82 ;) when I sort one I'll PM it to you.
Well if we're all going to start sending piccies out, I've got mine somewhere.....

Mind you, I can't find the bit on photoshop, that paints the black letterbox over me visage....

Maybe one of our Secret Air Soldiering colleagues can tell me? lol

PtP  ;D


but all the photos of you PTP have you wearing a bag over your head anyway!

So no need for photoshop  ;D ;D
That's a Shamag u cheeky bint  ;D


Putting a bag on your head can be very sexy to the females out there, but maybe choose a colour other than pink next time :)
Git  ;)

I'll have you know, the current Ms.PtP is a Claire Forlani lookalike, rocket scientist and crap around Vodka.

You really have to see 2 drunken women, arrrrrrrrogggging at each other, with me piggy-in-the-middle and SB tired and emotional, lecturing me on the finer points of my future relationship with said forlani double. Jesus.

*Hic* "I love him SB -waiiilllll"

"I know you do Bab, you hear that u arrsehole?"

"What the hell did I do SB?"

"I'm just warning you, oi you bar bloke, another beer, no, make that 2"
Gawd  :-[

Anyway the test.....read 'em and weep-85%

You know what you want, and have your evening planned out to the last detail as to just how you’re going to get it. But that’s just the problem - you’re just not spontaneous enough. Relax, be yourself, and you will naturally become even more attractive. its easy!

....and me slung like a best-at-fair, prize-winning-yak too  ;D
It's uncanny how accurate this thing is.  I can't even get it to work, which exactly matches my ability to pull birds.  Genius! ;D

Who is Claire Forlani?  Is looking like her a good thing or a bad thing?

Better put me down for a 0%


ahh Paoli I'm sure you're a top bloke and the birds just don't know what they're missing!! ;)

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