How do you deal with the bleating missus over annual camps ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Have a question to see how people handle the annual camp issue, what I am talking about is the fact you get something like 25 days holiday and a good ten of them will be in green.

    Now I know the official line off of Sabre etc but I am really interested in what guys really see in there places of work and how you deal with the "lost" holiday

    DO YOU....

    Suck it up like a man and claim 15 days camp is the best holiday in the world and wifey can just wait till I retire befoer booking 2 weeks in Teneriffe ?

    Lucky enough to be in a company that gives you extra paid holiday ?

    Take a week or so unpaid and hope the pay and bounty cover money lost ?

    This is research to aid wellyhead's pursuit in talking my darling wife into letting me put on a green suit again
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    At the moment i take it as part of my holiday, i get 19 days. so taking 10 off for camp rather cramps my style.
    Current deployment means i don't need a camp next year thank god, so i'm hitting the beach!

  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I found that companies in the RFA scheme would support your camp committment even to the point of paying a temp or overtime to cover your work but I never met one that would give it as additional paid leave, plenty of unpaid special leave but dont even think about your wages!
    Just to pi55 of the other half, you take cash with you and piss up your bounty/pay whilst there!
  4. You are married to a sheep ha ha!

    Seriously the civil service gives special paid leave - one of the few perks that are supposed to make up for the rubbish wages. You could always remind your wife how much fun a girls holiday is :lol:
  5. If your already in your company then see if you can negotiate some extra holidays prior to joining the TA. If its a new company and your already in the TA see if you can negotiate something at the interview or find out the policiy on resrvists.
    I was very lucky i got an extra 14 days paid leave and unlimited days unpaid after that, i didnt lose my normal holidays through TA.
    But now i,m the boss of my own company so i do wot i want and if i employ anyone in the TA i will support them as much as i possibly can. What you have to put in to priority is:
    Queen and Country
    Drinkin with the lads
    Your Boss
    Impressing ugly chicks with your part time action adventure whilst wearing green.

    Once you have your priorities set your laffing. :lol:
  6. Dear Welllyhead

    Suggest you commune with Regimental_Stick_Insect on the missus front.He has established a long list of 'lines' to convince her that he should join/train/serve and has convinced her that is good/safe/profitable/in her best interests for him to continue.
  7. funny you should say that but I have already spoken in great length with the sticky one ref this very issue

    Its an on going battle of which I have lost the first 2 engagments, but we are of plucky stuff and right will ensue
  8. Wonder if any of them will work on dear mumsy? I suspect her reaction will be along the lines of 'So you want to go somewhere to get killed, do you? You won't be any good at that!'
  9. Parents you can deal with, its wifes/husbands/partners (gotta be PC :wink:) that threaten to leave with the kids you got to look out for
  10. Oh, he'll be alright... Be a bit hypocritical if he weren't in fact.
  11. One of our lads left early last year so far he as had 6 or so leaving do's. Convincing is missus that he hasn't had a proper leaving party yet. :lol:
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Rather she took the kids than left them with me!
  13. You need 'Dear Shortfuse's' advice on this tricky subject I fear.
  14. Okay.

    Resign, leave office based job working 85-90 hrs per week, do a PGCE and become a teacher. Instant increase from 17 days to 17 weeks paid holiday in the first year. Finish work at 3:55 Monday to Friday, sit and listen to the other staff moan about the stress of the job and wind them up using terms like 'retired' and 'beats real work'! :lol:

    The fact that you take a 78% pay cut means that the TA is now responsible for 25+% of your income which is good reason for wifey to let you go off sojering. Another bonus is that the "C" you got in your last OJAR on the basis of not attending enough becomes something rather better as a result of your 78 days in green and doing the OC's job for him.

    The only thing I have yet to work out is why I was doing the OC's job when he was a teacher as well... but he was a sapper so there's no accounting.

    Yes, I can hear it now. "Take home an extra round of ball after your first range day and slot the biatch. Shouldn't have married a whinger in the first place"! Actually...
  15. My solution = don't get married.