How do you deal with children who do this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blessed baby cakes, Jun 2, 2005.

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    :( I feel horror for the poor child this happened to but what do we do about the other CHILDREN involved? It's so like the little Jamie Bulger case, but with less of a tragic outcome, although the damage done is only just beginning......

  2. Hang them, hang thier parents and thier grandparents.

    Outraged yesterday. I am new to this fatherhood lark and am paranoid enough about being over protective and not exposing her to the horrors and crap that the outside world has in stall.... this just sickened me
  3. Easy put ther parents in prison for 6 months and put them in young offenders for 2 years.

  4. Ditto!!!

    I am already sharpening my Ghurka sword for the first little darling my daughter brings home!!!! (And she is only 13 months!)
  5. I was listening to a news report on the radio - it was suggested that these [not so] little scrotes are too young to understand what they were doing and the police are to blame for hyping it up to "attempted murder"... don'tcha just love these do-gooders?
  6. As a parent of 3, it is the parents responsability to bring their children up correctly. I, as a father accept this and will do everything in my power to achieve this.

    I explain and discuss many things with my children, punish them when they do wrong, praise them when they do well, but always aim to teach and guide them through life, using examples where I can.

    Should any of my children grow up into yobs, it will be my fault and no-one elses.

    Maybe we should have a law like the French where the Parents are legally responsible for the actions of their children until they reach adulthood.
  7. What concerns me is where do they get the ideas from. Is it the TV or games or at school. If it's TV then the parents are to blame the same with games(x-box/PS2 et al) and if it is the school then something needs to be done to the school that they attended.

    FFS these are children, the same age as my sisters oldest and I would disown the little sh1ts if it were anything to do with me and make sure the parents NEVER had anything to do with them or me again.

    RANT, RANT, RANT. Thank fcuk I don't have any of my own.
  8. Right sentiments, wrong time period.

    At 12 years of age they knew perfectly what they were doing and knew that it was wrong.

    15 years a piece with no parole or time off for all of them, followed by a life licence on release. If I was the Judge, that would just be for starters.
  9. out of the five arrested only one is still being held. female (12) if the news on capital is correct

    this story made me sick....
    should bring back the death penelty for the little bast@rds
  10. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Put the kids in a young offenders institute and deprive them of EVERYTHING apart from an education for a couple of years. Let their only human contact be their jailors, classmates and parents. No TV, no games, no flash clothes. Nothing apart from books and a length of rope. Deprive them of everything a 12-13 year old considers important.

    Charge the parents a part of the cost of this. No need to jail the parents, that'll just cost money.

    They have no respect for the lives of other weaker people so I have no respect for them or the rest of their lives.
  11. If your child sets light to the living room, by not knowing that oven cleaner and a lighter do that, you'd punish them for it to teach them that it's wrong, right?

    Surely then, if a child TRIES TO KILL ANOTHER CHILD but "doesn't know any better", you punish them to show them that it's wrong, don't you?

    Clearly not, though, if this is anything to go by.
  12. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    How can you possibly use the "I didn't know any better" idea as an arguement in this case? If the perpetrators didn't know better the MDN is right, remove the entire extended family from the gene pool. Setting fire to a house though the circumstances you describe is an accident. Trying to hang someone is a crime.

    Also consider the noise an scared child makes. It is disturbing and distressing to almost everyone who hears it (it is also different to a stroppy scream). People are hardwired to know that that sort of noise is wrong and to try and prevent it.
  13. Speaking as a father:

    Those children knew exactly what they were doing. They're NOT going to get better, only worse-- UNLESS the system comes down on them hard. The criminal justice system will have their hands full for the rest of those kid's life...

    I've seen this before and it's not going to be good unless there's intervention NOW, followed by permanent monitoring.

    The parents ARE responsible and must be held accountable side-by-side with the children.
  14. With the greatest of respect WH that's somewhat idealistic. I'm also a father of 3 and like you I've done the best I can to try and ensure they become useful members of society. But you can't track them 24 hours a day or stop them getting involved with the 'wrong types' (I speak from bitter personal experience) unless you brick them up in a cave.

    Society today is just so different from how it used to be and the influences on children are so wide ranging its impossible to control everything.

    You can teach them right from wrong and hope they follow that path, you can punish if they don't follow that path but you need to know they're not following it in the first place (if you get my drift). Do you honestly know where they go and what they do when they leave the house? If they turn into yobs I'll bear some responsibility but not all. They'll be taking a fair bit themselves.
  15. You are right here but we now find it against the law to raise you voice let alone you hand to repremand a child.